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    and you really shouldn’t touch a queen’s guard on your summer vacation.

    Lately I’ve been spending some time to dig into my inbox and my blog’s newsletter, so I decided to make this week an email week so I will guide you through some of the email-related situations.
    Okay, so let’s dig into a situation : You own a blog, and you write it every so often. You have a decent or good content and some people actually come over and stay for a bit to read your content. This is all good. But how do you make them commit to your blog? Of course you use all social media, some of them might actually follow your blog on Facebook, Google Plus or Bloglovin’. True?
    You got all the social media to inform them about your new posts, but at the same time, do you remember watching that one video on Facebook and afterwards you want to show it to your friend and just CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE? Or when your friend asks about some photo you should’ve seen, the you go to see that photo, and it’s, swear to God, first time you see it? So think the same way about your blog. People might actually not see your content that much.
    So very good way to make them committed is by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter. Like, constantly asking. And why should you do that? Does it pays to be this annoying with that newsletter, when to be honest it is actually just one more thing on your to do list. YES, IT DOES.
    newsletterBlogging marketers are keep telling people that your mailing list is an audience you mostly sell to, they are your gold mine, but at the same time they are your best supporters, so treat them well. Even if you are not going to sell anything now, you might want to in a distant future and you will already have people to sell it to.
    So let’s talk theoretically:
    1. Get them interested – why should they clutter their inbox with one (or maybe more) extra emails, which they think won’t read (at least I do)? Make them believe they need this newsletter, they will read it, and you might even add extra something, like a free guide, some special content or e-course.
    I-promise-cat2. Make a promise – so lets I’d say I promise some extra content apart what you get from my blog and no more than two emails per week, and those two emails will be worth a while. Do not exactly say that, you might let them believe that everything you write is worth their time.
    3. Keep up the promise – if you promised a weekly advice to something, send that weekly advice. Even if you decide to change something in your blog, inform them. They trusted you enough to give their email, so don’t disappoint them.
    4. Don’t let them forget you – let’s say they here-is-catsubscribed to your email and you promised to inform them about your new products, but you haven’t released any new products in a while. So just inform them about your process, about what is new on your blog, maybe tell them about the process. If they forget you, it is over.
    5. Love them as your children – and show them your love. Make every newsletter count.
    And for the end be sure to subscribe to my newsletter (subscription form is on your right) and get my awesome updates and some extra bits of motivation, advices and blog spices (with some funny illustrations too).
    And you are still looking for a part about the queens guard, yes? Well you didn’t actually expected me to pull this newsletter connection to the queen’s guard, did you? Though if you are still interested in that you can go here to read more.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8