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    My confession about how my blog has flipped upside down and it is for good.

    Since last summer I’ve been working on my blog – changing the look of it and working on higher quality pictures, but it wasn’t enough for me. And it is not only the blog that felt a bit off – my work felt like a secondary thing, I wasn’t feeling like I am doing enough, also my planning was terrible. I only did things for deadlines.
    So I don’t actually know what flipped inside of me, but I started analysing my work and my blog, and more I analysed it, the more I felt the need to change shake things up and stir them a bit. And I know that things usually don’t come in a day, but some of them might be an epiphany of a split second that can totally change your perspective.
    But let’s talk about blog for now. So I changed the name, the design but the whole idea behind was the same – a fashion/lifestyle blog. And then one evening I got that epiphany – why would I ever write about fashion at all? Why nobody asked me that? It took me about 4 years to ask it myself. I started looking at other fashion bloggers and I realised that this is not inspiring for me anymore, it probably served the purpose, I was happy with it two years ago, but the truth is, that I wasn’t unsatisfied with the name or the design – I didn’t like the things I write about.
    And then I started thinking “what should I write about?” and it just came to me all naturally – I should write about entrepreneurship, design, my work, and blogging. Because this is what I do, this is what I actually know, and this is what I spend my free time on the internet looking for.
    And now my purpose is not the numbers – followers, likes and other things, but the real help that people could get from things I write about. I only count those numbers now (of course some of the others still feels nice, I can’t lie). I always believed that if you have a problem, there are always people who has the same problem, are stuck in the same loop, live in the same situation as you do, so sharing my daily ideas, answers to some questions, and some of my work actually felt natural.
    And even since I came up with this idea I felt so much happier & free. Because first of all, it wasn’t bringing me a lot of joy, that pure joy that everything you do should give you, and I felt forced to take photos of the things I am wearing, even thinking about that sometimes got me sick to the stomach.
    So, what changed for me:
    • I don’t have to go and buy new clothes, and now I can enjoy wearing comfortable things all the time.
    • I don’t have to force me to dress up, go out in terrible weather and make my boyfriend take photos.
    • I feel less shallow.
    • I love my new topics, I have plenty of them on my mind, and hope they will never end.
    • I feel like I am moving towards something instead of doing a thing, that has nothing to do with the rest of my life.
    • I love what I do again!
    So what I realised after this is that you have to question yourself once in a while (a bit more than once in four years) and question if what you do is what you want to do, because things change and you change, and things that felt right for you before might not suite you anymore. Evaluate yourself and your actions.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8