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    I bet most of you have heard about this wonderful tool. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you would say, that you tried it and not really stick to it. Because that is me and the big part of the current Evernote users.
    And that is the thing with Evernote. It is brilliant, but it somehow doesn’t reveal it’s brilliance until you start using it full time.
    I truly committed to using Evernote on the third try with more than a year gap between each of the tries. But now – I just love it. I can’t imagine how I use to blog without using Evernote daily.
    So if you want to get more organised for next year, I suggest you try Evernote. And not like that shallow try, but really get into it.
    What is Evernote?
    It is basically a very convenient notebook. It can work as your personal diary, planner, notebook, bookmark and everything at once.
    Where can I have Evernote?
    On everywhere. Your phone, tablet, browser, desktop. OSX, Windows, Android, iOS… Anywhere. And the best thing is that you can access it on everywhere.
    How much does it cost?
    Well, for limited uses (which is honestly enough) it’s FREE. But if you like it and you feel like you need more, you can always upgrade to premium.
    How do you organise in Evernote?
    You can create different notebooks, like Work and Personal, you can have different tags for everything. Evernote has a very convenient search mechanism, that you can search for the keyword in the content (even in the pictures and webpages you clipped) and in the tags.
    What is Evernote Web Clipper?
    Well, I’m glad you asked. It is an A-MA-ING tool, that I started using instead of bookmarks lately. It let’s you to add webpages and/or their particular content to your notes in a very easy way. And you can read it afterwards while riding a train, let’s say. You can add print screens, full pages or just some content, add tags, and comments and even on print screens add annotations on the elements.
    How it can help you blogging?
    I use to make tons of draft notes in my WordPress, and then I usually got lost in all of them. So I started using Evernote to make blog post drafts, along with pictures sometimes and some useful links. I also add some research data, make schedules, plan my blog posts and I do it sometimes when I travel or wait for people or just babysitting my sister because I can access it being anywhere.
    Where else Evernote is a helpful tool?
    You can track your money and even take pictures of your receipts, you can make notes, add quotes, and even set reminders. I make tons of lists, and this helps me organise a lot. And if you still doubt about the capabilities, you should check this article.
    Of course, like in everywhere else, it is good to have a system. Because I like my notes to be very clear and organised. Tags, categories, notebooks. Make your rules and follow them.
    I suggest you give it a real good try, because in my opinion – it is a game changer.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8