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    Wingardium leviosa and magical to-do list

    As a freelancer it is great to be able to work on your own time schedule. On the other hand, I sometimes get carried away or easily distracted, because no one is actually looking over my shoulder. And on the days that are not so intense, it’s totally okay, but on other days, when you actually need to get your shit together and do some work, it might be a bummer. Being the master of your time, comes with responsibilities – you have to learn to stay on track and own your time.

    What is my magic system?

    Whenever I felt overwhelmed with tasks and things to-do, I started using my big blank space on the chalkboard wall to list all the things I have to-do. I listed all the things that came to my mind, divided into smaller, doable steps. Especially on big projects, they might take 6 places on my list, but that doesn’t mean that I have to-do everything at once. Step by step is the best way to move, right?

    Where is the magic?

    First thing in the morning, I see my list, and I decide what am I up to. Maybe today I am up for photography, or maybe for doing some design work, it actually doesn’t matter as long as I do something. Having this big reminder on the wall (and especially when your friends come and start picking on your list) you feel like it needs to get shorter and shorter.

    How can you start on your big list of things to-do?

    1. Find a space for your to-do list. It doesn’t have to be a wall, it might as well be a big sheet of paper, that you would stick somewhere, where you can see it often. Don’t rely on a notebook or a piece of paper, or even a list on your desktop (because how often do you sit and look at your desktop) – it has a high chance of being lost or buried during the period of time.
    2. Then, list all the tasks for a week, or a month, or whatever period of time works best for you. My way is weekly.
    3. Divide tasks into smaller ones. F.e. if I have a big branding project, I divide it into logo, homepage design, business cards, brand guidelines, checking up with client etc. For bigger projects I use “one file system” – as long as it is one file, it is my task.
    4. Now work and try out your new system. Don’t forget to enjoy crossing things out :)
    Why this method worked for me?

    I have a tendency to procrastinate, because I feel like the project is too big and I need to give all my energy to it. When I divide big project into smaller tasks, it gives me clarity, and gives me motivation, so I see that everything is not so scary. One step at the time.

    My list is also a big reminder of things I have to-do, I wanna be proud of how much I crossed out during the day.

    Third, and most important thing, I believe it is a manifestation to the universe, so the universe will help me out to go trough the list with ease, because as soon as you get something out of your head into the world, it has a way of happening. And that, my friends, is pure magic.

    Plus, I want to share my messy to-do list :

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 23