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    I know it is tacky, please, I know tacky when I see it, but I’ve been meaning to do this tassel garland for sometime now, since I’ve been seeing things like these all over the internet, and well, it’s cute in life and great background decoration for photos.
    So one day I was buying paper in an art supply store in a library that is located in “Akropolis”, and found this tissue paper so that moment I decided I will buy it and make those paper tassels, because, why not? Then I thought it is not that hard and without watching anything on the internet I made some pretty ugly tassels, then they got better and then I watched a tutorial and they turned up pretty nice afterwards. So I will spare you some time and share a method (which is faster than the one I’ve invented).


    I folded the sheet twice, cut one edge, then vertically cut 10 stripes and split them into two.


    I rolled each set of stripes, then rolled them together and folded them once around the thread.


    And for a pretty finish I rolled a stripe of paper around the core and glued it. And once you make at least ten of those, you will have a pretty (and tacky) tassel garland.
    So I am not an expert on making tutorials, but I am planning to make more of them in the future so I hope I will get better with time and practise.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8