I am not a major fan of breakfast in general, but I know it’s good for health. So I am trying to discover new ways of making myself breakfast, and one of them is to actually make something to share it on my blog. Plus, it kind of motivates me to look for different meals and that is fun, init?Read more

Few days ago, I decided I want to bake something tasty. I actually bake quite a lot, but usually it happens at night, and I cannot take pictures of it. I know muffins don’t take a lot of time, and they are super tasty. And I also had some frozen blueberries, that I handpicked myself this summer, so why not to have a little taste of summer in my muffins? Plus, everyone who bakes muffins probably know, that they are kind of moist inside, and I wanted to bake something a bit more special, so these blueberry muffins has a special cookie like crusty topping.Read more