Not so short story about 2005, low waisted jeans and my approach to fashion.

Back in deep and dark two thousand and five, everyone wore a particular kind of jeans – low waisted flare jeans, that ware worn during the all seasons. It wasn’t that bad, except for two things – they were so low waisted that whenever you wanted to tie your shoes you have to hold your waist with one hand and tie with another (useful skill to pick) or just be sure that your butt faces the wall, and that it was so long that it collected all the dirt from the ground especially during the winter, and the water just went up your leg along with the dirt, plus from the constant touch with not so soft asphalt it would rip pretty easily at the end.Read more

I believe that I would not be wrong to say that now is pre Christmas season, which is very interesting time – especially when you are at least a bit of public person. Because, boy, we all know when you have to visit a lot of Christmas themed parties. And dressing up for those might be tricky, especially if you have few of them during work week. I mean, the struggle is real even if you work at home, and then spend few hours getting ready, but imagine doing this all straight after work.

This mood board is inspired by this struggle. When you have to look good at work and yet, have to go to a party in the evening. When I started creating this mood board, I was going for one transitional look, but then ended up creating more than one, because it was too inspiring. I wanted to show few options, that will make you feel like a boss at work, and like a star in a party, with basically the same look.Read more

You know, sometimes you got those days, when you been working so much, that you actually forgot to do the laundry. So whenever you need to go somewhere, you start digging trough your closet and end up wearing something weird or unusual for you. That is what happened to me yesterday. Ripped jeans, dress, jacket, sneakers… I am at least glad my whole closet is colour coordinated. Also, me and my friend had a morning photoshoot to do, and after that we took a walk to a renewed National Library. To be honest, I am very amazed by this place. It is clean, minimal, monochrome and that marble stairs got me straight up wanting for a photoshoot. So I did had a photoshoot.Read more