As a person who came back alive from Iceland, I can honestly say that there is a reason why Iceland is on very top of a lot of travelers places to visit list. It has so much to offer nature wise, that it is hard to believe that it is even true. But you cannot go to island unprepared. That is why I feel obligated to share my experience in Iceland – to help other travelers have a time of their lives.

I have to mention two things – first : as my Icelandic friend told us – most of the Icelanders travel with tents. So did we. And I understand why.  Second : It was late spring / early summer. But let’s start from the beginning, and I’ll explain why it matters.Read more

If you are looking to explore as much nature wonders as possible, Iceland is a place to go. In a relatively small area you can find volcanoes, waterfalls, snow covered mountains and hot rivers, geysers, black beaches and icebergs. Although it isn’t a cheap destination, not the place for inexperienced travelers.

As my friend from Iceland told us – best way to experience Iceland is to rent a car and go sightseeing, staying in the tents. Iceland is highly populated with campsites so camping isn’t a problem there. And that was exactly what we decided to do. First of all because staying in one place wasn’t an option, since we wanted to make the whole journey around Iceland, and second – renting a half decent room or a house is just super expensive.Read more