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    Summer inspires me. It inspires me not to sit by the computer and work, as the winter does, but it inspires me to travel, to experience things, to go out in the world and wander. As soon as it hits June 1st on the calendar, you can rarely find me at home. Especially this year when it came along with some major changes in my life.
    So I’ve said to myself that this summer will be the one to remember. I’ve said myself that experience is the only true form of possession, the only thing it is worth spending your money on. So nowadays, every week is just a countdown until the weekend.
    So instead of staying home, or in your city, just pack your bags, get in a car, a train or a plane and go to places you never been before, camp, visit foreign cities, go to the beach or forest, or basically anywhere.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8