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    Since my resolutions are all done, I decided to take some time and look at my blog in 2016. I want to share some of my favourite moments on my blog from 2016 with you to remind what a great year it was. So here it is.

    p.s. I feel like this is a great opportunity to say thank you all the people who take my pictures, being very kind and putting up with my requests. Especially my boyfriend, who not only take me places, but also is patient enough to take pictures of me the way I want to. Cheers & love.

    IMG_2217Winter gardens are somewhat magical places you should really visit - it feels like a botanical paradise, an oasis from all the noise.Photoshoot in a National Library in Vilnius. Lithuania.IMG_2010-2img_3038Lake by Hello, it's AugustMondays used to feel painfully unproductive to me, so I learned to create some rituals before Monday and on Monday to get myself going after the weekend and set myself for a good and productive week.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 4