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    This year I decided to do my New Year resolutions differently than I used to all past years. I was thinking deeply about my resolutions and my goals for the upcoming 2017. I started thinking about what brings me happiness, and most importantly, where and who I want to be in exactly one year. I thought about how to make resolutions, that would motivate me, and that in a year I would be proud to say I accomplished everything I planned to and it made me very happy.

    I do realise, that neither my life nor me will suddenly change as soon as the clock hits midnight on the last night of the year, and I would be naive to expect that I would wake up on the first day of the year being completely different person ready to live a completely different life. And yes, the feeling of the fresh start is pretty strong, but not strong enough to conquer routine and habits.

    This time my resolutions is not just a list of random things, it is a plan for the upcoming year. And I cannot actually plan everything that a year will bring me, but I can make sure I have a plan for what I can control.

    After long thinking I finally made four plans : for my personal life, my work life, my blog and general one to tie them all up. My three plans with different aspects of my life, three front lines, that are most important to me, are very detailed – plans for my year goals and progress. They all have quarterly reality check points, which would let me check if I am on the right track, they all have deadlines and milestones.

    And yes, I might actually fail miserably, but I will try again and again, and that is the most important thing – try and never give up.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 23