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    Oh, it has been a busy day, and I finally found some time to sit by computer and write a post (you know, 30 DAY CHALLENGE). I want to share some of my work, that I actually made at home, without any studio or actually any very special equipment. Because if you know how to use your tools well, you can achieve greatness, aye?

    So these are few of the backpacks made by DOBSHOP, and you probably know, we’ve been working together for quite a while. But I still get surprised every time I see something new, totally out of the box, sometimes I feel like Dobshop is completely reinventing the concept of backpack.

    First one is made out of genuine leather with sort of “crocodile” texture. Second one is this crazy textured leather that has a bit of apocalyptic vibe to it, but on the other hand, with this sort of leather you can go totally wrong, but in this case everything is done with easy and thought behind it.

    Handmade genuine leather backpack by Lithuanian brand Dobshop.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 23