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    Whether you run your business or a blog, it is important to understand your direction – what are your goals, your dreams and how do you and other people perceive your brand. Sometimes we all get tired or carried away, and it is hard to stay on track. Here where your brand’s mission, vision and values comes in handy.Read more

    I am not a major fan of breakfast in general, but I know it’s good for health. So I am trying to discover new ways of making myself breakfast, and one of them is to actually make something to share it on my blog. Plus, it kind of motivates me to look for different meals and that is fun, init?Read more

    Ah, * improvements *. Some of you might have noticed that Facebook feels a bit different these days. Especially if you are content creator. And is has to do a lot with Facebook algorithm (basically the math behind everything that is chosen to be shown in your and everyone else’s feed). The problem with it is people are way more complex than any math problem can solve. Read more

    I recently finished one project – GBilinskaite blog design and development. It makes me very happy to see that the person I create something for is happy with what I’ve created, but what makes me even more happy is seeing my creation actually being used the way it suppose to be.Read more

    As a blogger, you should’ve somewhere heard this word combination : “media kit”. I truly believe, that every blogger needs to have one in order to pitch the brands you want to work with, show you best qualities as a blogger. I’ve done more than one media kit during my years as a designer, and I know a thing or two behind this mysterious term “media kit”. If you didn’t or have no idea what it is and what to eat it with – continue reading.

    What is Media kit?

    Media kit is basically a CV of your blog – it highlights the achievements of your blog, and says more or less if you are a right fit for a brand, that you send your media kit to. There are no strict rules (not yet, at least) about how your media kit should look like, but my advice is that your media kit should represent your brand and not mislead the client. After all, you want to work with brands that are close to your heart, don’t you?
    Read more

    “Hello, it’s August” is back with the new concept, new ideas and a new vision. There is a reason, why I was completely absent from my blog and social media – I needed time to figure out the direction I was going to take. One day I woke up feeling like it’s all out of my control, and there is way to much mess to try to actually clean it up – I needed a break to start things new, and make things better this time around. The break, which let me create new perspective, get some distance and focus on what is important to me. Let’s start from the start though. What happened? Trough the years of blogging I was always happy to blog, I wanted to blog and it was never (okay, almost never) forced. But it never felt quite right the things that I blog about. But… Read more