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    Some of you might know that I have a dear friend, who is also a blogger, Ovidijus Maslovas. We recently worked on creating his portfolio page, that I will share very soon, and redesigning his personal style blog, witch you can visit here.

    Ovidijus has a very minimal style, so I thought he needs a design to emphasise his perspective and let him he proud of his blog website (in hope that he will post more of his amazing content). So what I did here, was actually creating a WordPress website with a template, that is a bit similar to my own blog, without any sidebars and other distractions to keep to focus on the content itself, with a bit unusual place for a title that would actually pop and might be a bit awkward (because longer words would not stay in one line) but that was our intention. To have a bit of twist.

    I did the programming mostly myself too, with a tiny help from my boyfriend. I could not pass an opportunity to improve my programming knowledge, because I do enjoy it once in a while.

    You should really follow this blogger not because he is brilliant, a friend of mine and I did the design, but because he actually needs your support to keep up his good work. Because we all need some support, don’t we?


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 23