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    How getting rid of 70% of my clothes out solved a problem of nothing to wear

    Few months ago I did an experiment – I’ve got rid of 70 % of my clothes. I was inspired my minimalism (and still am) and was emptying all the corners of my apartment, when I decided to look at my closet with a critical eye. I got nothing to wear already, what is the worse that can happen?
    I made four criteria for the clothes, that made back to the closet, and they seem to be pretty simple ones too:
    1. Perfect fit
    2. Not worn out
    3. My style and colour
    4. Worn in a past year
    I am not a radical person, so I held on some of the clothes that didn’t belong in my closet, just to see if I am not making a major mistake. They were not in my closet though. Few months later I can honestly tell that they did not belong in my closet for a reason – I haven’t missed any of them, so I got rid of them too.
    But the interesting part is, that after I did this experiment, I not even once was faced with a question of nothing to wear. I started getting more creative with the things I own. I discovered 5-7 sets that I never thought of and was really liking them, I started wearing clothes that I really love more often without any bitterness in my heart of wearing the same jacket for 3 times in a week.
    The problem with owning tons of clothes was, that most of them didn’t actually fit my list of criteria, that is why I was struggling to match them with something, therefore creating a problem of nothing to wear. Some of my clothes were ill fitted, some of them just weren’t my type.
    And I believe that you might ask “Why should I do that?”, and I bullet-pointed some of the reasons why : 
    • It will help you to realise your own distinctive style. You will realise what you like to wear and what you want to wear more of.
    • It will get your creativity going. You would come up with the most interesting combinations.
    • Awareness. You will know exactly what is going in your closet.
    • You will save time while picking clothes each morning.
    • You will save money, while buying exactly what you need.
    • You will save space, that you can fill with few new clothes.
    • You will know exactly what you need to buy in the future.
    More over, if you actually own your possessions, you have the power to let it go, but the question usually stays within owning your possessions and your possessions owning you.
    Maybe you have a similar experiences or been wanting to do this for a long time, but couldn’t make yourself? Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you:)

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8