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    I am a major fan of planning, so planning things I want to change in 2016 (aka New year resolutions) is quite a major thing for me. But even bigger thing is to actually stick with the resolutions you made. Most of the people, who make new year resolutions, tend to give up on them on the first month of the year, and I am not saying that I am different, but when I think of it, it would be quite nice to make that sudden change and sticking with your New year resolution for good, wouldn’t it be?
    I came to a conclusion, that making New year resolution is not only making a plan of thing you want to change – because some things take time, some things are just a change of habit and they take will – but it is also making a legit plan on changing those things. I want to share with you not my resolution (because I don’t think that it would be interesting), but how I plan to actually stick to it.
    1. Think about positive changes from last year.
      Last year you probably made a new year resolution too, and probably you haven’t stick to it for a long time, but if you look at it now, some things actually came true perhaps? Because you had it in your mind already, you programmed yourself for that. And I like to think about last year, and some things that came true, some things that didn’t, some unexpected twists and turns that got you to the place you are now. And that is a very important part. You have to thank yourself for what you have learned and achieved.
    2. Be specific.
      I believe that unspecific wishes tend to come true, but as if they are fulfilled by a genie – they find a breach and turn everything around. I believe, that you need to send out as specific wishes as possible to the universe to prevent genies from invading your wish. So don’t just say “eat healthier”, make a legit plan of eating healthier – let’s say you eat at least 4 vegetable dishes per week, if you want to earn more money – make a plan how you do so too.
    3. Be realistic.
      Don’t expect yourself to flip everything upside down in one night. Think about end of the year goal and go slowly for that. If you want to lose weight, you don’t expect yourself to wake up one morning and all overweight is gone, don’t you? So think of everything else as the weight – one step at the time.
    4. Add resolutions to your calendar.
      You want things you think of to feel more real? Add them to your calendar. See them every day, remind yourself of your goals. You want to lose weight? Add exercising to your calendar. Want to eat 4 vegetable dishes, add them to your calendar too!
    5. Start on the 1st of January.
      Don’t say tomorrow, start today. Don’t party too hard, just celebrate it in a nice and kind manner, to feel good to wake up on January 1st.
    6. Share your resolution with somebody.
      Or at least some points of it. If you want to quit a nasty habit, is there a better way than help from your significant other? Or you want to exercise, then do it together. Even scientists say that sharing your new year resolution with someone will make you to commit to them way more and stick to them longer.
    So I want to wish you great 2016 and to have great year (with resolutions or without)!
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8