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    White is one of those colours that will never go out of fashion (design fashion too), yet, it can be boring as hell, since it usually serves as a no-colour for backgrounds – something that is invisible. I am very glad, that Scandinavian design, that is usually mistaken for minimalism, brought colour white out of the graveyard and into a spotlight and embraced it as a single individual colour, proving that it is suitable not only for backgrounds, but can be also used as a main colour. Heck, I’d say it can be used as the only colour.

    I was really inspired by this idea of white being the only colour used in a design or photography (plus, my Pinterest proves really well that I am a big fan or single colour pictures), and that it, by itself can stand alone with a help of light and shadows, creating perfectly complete image. This got me thinking about other colours too, but for now – white it is.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 16