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    I believe that I would not be wrong to say that now is pre Christmas season, which is very interesting time – especially when you are at least a bit of public person. Because, boy, we all know when you have to visit a lot of Christmas themed parties. And dressing up for those might be tricky, especially if you have few of them during work week. I mean, the struggle is real even if you work at home, and then spend few hours getting ready, but imagine doing this all straight after work.

    This mood board is inspired by this struggle. When you have to look good at work and yet, have to go to a party in the evening. When I started creating this mood board, I was going for one transitional look, but then ended up creating more than one, because it was too inspiring. I wanted to show few options, that will make you feel like a boss at work, and like a star in a party, with basically the same look.

    1. First one is for a minimal dark colour gal like me. Simple, yet so fancy. Because a little black dress is always a very good option.
    2. Denim/ feminine look is a more girly vintage option. I am not a big fan of denim in general, but I do think that something so whimsical can come with an edge to make it look sophisticated yet funky.
    3. For a woman that is a fan of pants, I created a third look. Anything goes with sleek black pant, especially when you add a bit of shine, that is, in my opinion, totally appropriate for this festive season.

    denim-feminine pants-look

    1. Coat / Dress / Shoes / Purse / Necklace
    2. Dress / Jacket / Shoes / Purse / Jewellery
    3. Pants / Shoes / Blazer / Purse / Top / Jewellery
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 5