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    Whether you run your business or a blog, it is important to understand your direction – what are your goals, your dreams and how do you and other people perceive your brand. Sometimes we all get tired or carried away, and it is hard to stay on track. Here where your brand’s mission, vision and values comes in handy – it is your cheat-sheet. You can always look back, at any point, and get clarity. This is such an important part of branding, yet, it usually gets overlooked.

    Understanding your brand is so important, because if you can’t understand where your brand is, how other people will? This time around, I decided to make it right, so dug a lot in trying to understand those key elements myself, and finally, I am prepared to share my knowledge with you. Let’s talk about each of these elements in order to understand it.

    1. Mission

    Content : This is your NOW. WHY you do things and HOW. In a greater sense, what your work does, what your product gives, why people should find value in your brand. Why you get out of bed every morning and do what you do, and I mean not in a sense on money, but why you do exactly what you do and not something else. What is your PURPOSE.
    Presentation : It should be short, kind of formal, some experts say it should fit on a t-shirt.
    • Google: To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
    • Coca-cola: To refresh the world.

    Let’s say you are a photographer, your mission could be : “To capture your beautiful memories. Beautifully.”, or a fashion blogger : “To be guide through fashion”, or a product brand : “To make timeless high fashion pieces for affordable price.”

    2. Vision

    Content : Vision is your FUTURE. Where you see your brand in 5-10 years. Think grand. But don’t forget your client. This is your higher purpose, your guidance, you end goal. If you chose to build a brand it is obviously more than money, so ask yourself what change do you want to make in the world. Imagine yourself going really big, your brand grows beyond your expectations, what do you imagine you would say about your brand then.
    Presentation : Basically one sentence saying it all.

    • Mattel: To be the premier Toy Brand—today and tomorrow.
    • Avon: To be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfillment needs of women—globally.
    • Disney: To make people happy.

    Photographer : “To be one of the best fashion/ product / wedding / people photographers in the world and make timeless pictures”, fashion blogger : “To be one of the most influential bloggers and bring fashion closer to the people.”, clothing/ accessories brand : “To create a brand, that would be a synonym of style”.

    3. Values

    Content : This is your beliefs, your principles, your work ethic. It has to support your vision, shape the culture and represent what your brand believes in. Think of what qualities either in your work or communication with the client are the most important to your brand, what you want to be described as.
    Presentation : It must be core words that can be explained. Not less than 4, not more than 7 is the best.

    Coca cola :

    • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
    • Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
    • Integrity: Be real
    • Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me
    • Passion: Committed in heart and mind
    • Diversity: As inclusive as our brands
    • Quality: What we do, we do well


    • Making it Happen
    • Demonstrating Passion
    • Having High Standards
    • Being Hungry to Learn

    Not that mysterious anymore, right? My advice is when you written those down, keep them somewhere easily accessible – either on your notebook, on a piece of paper or somewhere in a computer where you can see and click. You should check with it once in a while and think whether your brand is still on the right track.

    I like to keep all my branding in one PDF, along with brand guidelines and other important stuff, so if I ever need to hire someone I would be able to easily introduce my brand to a newcomer.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 12