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    When I was moving out from my old apartment few years ago, I remember bags and boxes full of stuff that I don’t actually need and I am getting rid of. If you would ask me today what was in those bags and boxes, I couldn’t say, because, well, I don’t miss those items even a bit. I never think of it.
    I use to have tons of stuff – clothes, papers, art supplies, collectibles, cute things and other clutter, so cleaning my room was a major task. After I moved into my new apartment, I was still slowly getting rid of things. Sometimes I get this urge to trow things out.
    Some time ago, I started actually thinking about my goals, my priorities, the things I love to do, want more of, and the things I didn’t liked that much. I learned that creating is one of my core values, friends and family, along with mental and physical health, education and travelling. So none of these actually included collecting items. On the contrary – all of these requires paying less attention to the items.
    While I create, I have no time to clean the apartment, especially if it takes 2-3 hours lifting things and dusting underneath them. So I learned that the less items I own, the less time it takes for me to dust underneath them. Similar to when you think about the hotel room and how much time it takes for a maid to clean it, because there are not much things around, that not suppose to be there.
    But honestly, I haven’t been trowing stuff out for quite a while, until one of my friends laughed at me for collecting some things – like empty candle containers. And I love the idea of reusing things. Who would want to trow out a perfectly good glass container? But this got me thinking – while I might reuse glass container, there are plenty of things that I collect and don’t reuse. Like papers. I got tons of papers – from pictures to checks, from postcards to Ikea catalogues.
    Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I was reading though my pile of postcards. Or let’s say, going though old tickets (I use to collect them in a shoe box underneath my bed – how cliche). Maybe because my great-grandfather use to be a pressman, I have this weird need to collect anything, that is printed.
    So few days ago, after listening to this podcast, that I weirdly led myself to, I decided to get rid of it all – most of the pictures, old tickets, notebooks (I had plenty of them) and Ikea catalogues (my precious catalogues…), even the postcards that had no longer meaning to me along with my dream to be a scrapbooker (not really), and my sketches, believing that they served the purpose of getting me where I am now and have no more meaning to me. So I was left with a small pile that fit into my hand with the most precious memories instead of drawers and boxes full of papers.
    For a while there, I was sitting with satisfaction in my face, but at the same time that strange need to trow more things out. So with the same attitude of not needing things, I went through most of my apartment – bedroom, bathroom, shelves, kitchen… And most importantly – my closet. I feel like I need to write a separate post about minimising my closet, so I definitely will, soon.
    For now, I hoped I inspired you even a tiny bit to get rid of some things that you don’t need, and if you are still not convinced, better listen to the podcast I linked (if they inspired me, such a stubborn person), they might inspire you as well.
    And I am not saying that everyone should be a minimalist and live like one, I am saying that some will, some will not, but instead of collecting shoes, I rather collect memories & experiences – those will never go out of fashion at least.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8