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    Let me tell you a short back story :
    I had these chairs as long as I can remember. I use to incorporate them in my forts when I was a child, and they were perfect if you need to reach something on a top shelf (like candies). As far as I know, many people in Lithuania are familiar with this design, since it was massively produced in Soviet Union.
    I can’t remember how and why, but they ended up in my new apartment too. It might be because I had very few furniture when I moved in. But they had a sentimental value for me, and it might not be the best or coolest looking chair in the world, I never even thought about getting rid of them.
    So, one day I decided to get a bit colour matching in my apartment, and paint some things in monochromatic palette. It was my walls, that went grey from having as I now understand very annoying colourful parrots wallpaper, my bed, that went from pine to white, and my chairs that went from pine to mime.
    Only when my chairs went pale, I realised I did not take a picture of them before they were painted, but gladly I have a half painted chair picture to show you the idea of how they looked before.



    What I did here was painted them white, then had no time, and about two months later finish them with black touches.
    I love how they look now, they are soooo cute. And since the weather outside is just straight up nasty, I want to give some extra touches to my aparment, to make it prettier and more cozy (especially when Christmas is just around the corner and I am already looking at my Christmas tree with one eye).
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 24