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    Luscious style
    Luscious style is a personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog, at the time one of the most successful blogs in Lithuania. Darja, the mind behind Luscious style, shares her story trough pictures, so I wanted to make her pictures really shine and not getting lost in the overwhelming template elements.
    This project gives a grownup twist to the blog, that has been written since mid teens. We wanted to create a brand, that feels fancy, but at the same time and accessible to the reader, serious, but at the same time joyful. As a brand, I feel like “Luscious style” has to keep the lusciousness, but at the same time must have a refined style.
    This project included basic branding / web design / web development – Custom webpage design and execution, moving from one engine to another, logo, business cards, social media design.
    2016 March

    ls mockup responsive


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8