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    Because my peeps in Lithuania are important to me

    I’ve been struggling with this question for an eternity – whether I should write in English, or in Lithuanian. Writing in both languages in one post seemed to mess with the whole structure of the post, and having a sort of second blog seemed to mess with the structure of the blog. Even though I decided to write my blog in English, because one day I might actually live somewhere, where most of the peeps will not understand Lithuanian language, the whole idea was not leaving my mind. It felt like I owe something to my fellow Lithuanians.
    I was preparing for one project yesterday, and decided to look for options (because last time I looked the option was only to auto translate, and we all know how well they auto translate from English to a language as difficult as Lithuanian). I found a great option – a plugin called Polylang, and a great tutorial that goes with it.
    The only problem was, that after I set up the plugin, my whole home page was empty. No posts, no menus. So I realised, that I had to update all my posts manually, by opening them one by one and clicking update button. I sat there for good few hours doing that, only so I could see a tick symbol in language section.
    But it got me thinking about things that were totally unrelated to languages. I stumbled upon few on my posts from the past, that I really liked. I’ve also found few I wasn’t that proud of or wanted to change the text a bit. I also gave a good look to my outfit posts, and decided I really liked them after all, I payed attention to my blogging and social media posts, and they were still relevant and most importantly – funny.
    I came to few conclusions, and got answers to few of my questions. Sometimes all you need is to take a look at what you done to realise what you want to do next.
    I want to talk about my future plans a bit:
    • With time (yeah, the only thing we actually lack) I am planning to translate my posts, at least the ones that I really like and believe to be valuable.
    • I decided to invest more time into my blog. Even if I promise this to myself once in a while, my work and rest always take first place. So, I came up with a challenge to myself, but I will talk about it more later.
    • Until 2017 I want to change my blog’s design a bit. I still want to keep the minimalism and colour palette. At the same time I want to unlock more options for post layout and improve user experience.
    • I want to give more value to my blog by giving more information for bloggers and designers and other creative people, because I want to get my blog closer to what I do for living.
    • + work on purifying my blog’s topics.
    I hope I will manage to work on this plan. As I believe, that as soon as you put your wishes into universe, they have a tendency to come true. This is my definition of putting my wishes into blog universe. Now, I’m off to my work, because as soon as I get that done, I can work on my blog.


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 24