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    Or why robots in subscription process are not cool at all.

    So yesterday I was telling you about why should you have an email subscription, and if you are convinced that you should, why not start setting it up now? Like ASAP. And it probably will not even take you an hour.
    I am not a big fan of paying anybody to do the work, I can do myself. So what I learned during this whole time of working on my blog, is that in the most cases you actually DON’T have to pay a cent.
    When I started working on my email subscriptions, all the information I found about that, was all applications, such as Mailchimp and other to set up your email subscription. But I wasn’t very satisfied with that. So I bullet pointed things I wanted to achieve first:
    • Beautiful, clear and cohesive with my design, opt-in subscription form.
    • Whenever somebody subscribes, I want them to be redirected to a special page in my blog saying : “you are almost there”
    • To send out a custom, not robotic confirmation email.
    • Whenever people confirm their email, I want them to be redirected to another page on my blog, saying “thank you”
    • To send out a custom thank you – welcome message.
    • Be able to sent out newsletters (that would look pretty).
    So I will talk about the design later this week, but lets talk about these bullet points. So basically I get really disappointed whenever I sign up for a newsletter and I get this short and boring confirmation, and after I confirm I get that short and plain “thank you” message. So I wouldn’t wanna be that kind of person who sends out these boring emails.
    So my goal was to still have the same purpose of the email, all the key information, but at the same time, have a little bit of fun in it and some personal connection. I also wanted them to be even more interested in what I have to offer and call them to action (my action is a bit of “tell me about yourself”).
    And one more thing I really didn’t like was when I send out an email through the Mailchimp, or any other app, there is this “from:” field in your email and after my email there is “via mail206.atl81.rsgsv.net ” and that to me looks like a robot.
    When I signed up for Mailchimp, I realised you will have to pay for customisation of your subscription emails, other apps I tried were similar, you still have to pay for something, that you crucially need. So after some time I spent researching, I decided I need to start from the bottom and climb to the top – I thought I’ll just dig in into my plugin, that I already have installed in my WP (I didn’t actually believed that this will be so easy).
    I am using Newsletter plugin and I discovered that it gives me all the options to change my subscription emails, redirect to pages and plenty of other stuff, so basically does all the tasks I wanted it to do, plus it is free. If it is not great, I don’t know what is.
    So they got all those options under their “Subscription steps” tab, just go one by one and you will set up not robotic looking subscription emails. I was going through this process and I felt like they were reading my mind – like setting up a notification on your email whenever somebody subscribes, or having special pages for email redirection, they even have an option to add a secret page to be visible after you confirm your email.
    And if you are still not convinced, I can tell you one more thing: usually emails need this basic html, which I am not really familiar with, so this form doesn’t need any knowledge of it. It is just like writing a post – you put your logo on top as a picture, then you can add some more pictures if you want (I chose not to, because I added pictures in my redirected pages on my blog) and you can italic, bold, bullet point (which I started to love lately) and all the things you can do in your usual blog post.
    But let’s not overload ourselves, we all have things to do so let’s leave design for another day.
    So just go ahead and set it up, because it is easy, free and awesome.
    And if you want to see how I welcome my readers (and you are one of them), just subscribe to my email – you will see how I did that + guarantee yourself some great newsletters. Win – win, yes?
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8