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    I recently posted an article about my social media management issues and I counted the days until 2016 (which is around 50) since I needed a legit plan how to fix it. And I decided to start with Pinterest.
    I’ve learned ton of new things about Pinterest and it proved me to be a-ma-zing once again, but let’s start from the start.
    So since I have my Pinterest account since I don’t even remember when, I had A LOT of stuff in my personal Pinterest account. And I liked it. But it was not relevant to my new blog (f.e. this which is still hilarious to me) so I had two options:
    1. Clean out my personal account (and lose all the irrelevant stuff I love)
    2. Create new account and start from zero.
    After giving zero thought about this I just created new account and decided to start fresh.
    After I created an account Pinterest suggested me converting it to business, and since I call my blog a business it all seemed no brainer. It is pretty much the same as normal account, just you get a spicy analytics option. And that is a plus (like the flag of Switzerland). You can do the same with any other Pinterest account – existing or new – here.
    Even though I have only few Pinterest boards right now, I wanted them to be cohesive. Not boring, but cohesive. So I spent some time (more than I intended to) doing board covers. Here are my results :

    Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 16.37.53

    I was looking for inspiration for board covers, and then decided to take a look into my blog for inspiration, so for board covers I used the font I use in blog design (Futura, aka my favourite font) and some colour from my blog. I think I will do some funkier design for future boards to mix it up even more, but for now I am happy with the result.
    Recommended size for Pinterest board cover is: 217 x 146 pixels, but I like to use 3 times bigger with same proportions, so people can actually press on my cover photo, which is linked to my blog, and they would see a decent quality picture. That is just my opinion.
    Yes, I know, it is painful. But Pinterest got it all covered – I have added my personal account to pin to my Hello, it’s August boards, so I don;t have to switch accounts whenever I want to pin something. Brilliant, isn’t it?
    I have read some articles about Pinterest as social media platform and how to grow your traffic using Pinterest, and I’ve learned that you actually need to pin around 100+ pins per week (sounds a lot) to get some results. And I am actually okay with that, because most of my free time on the internet I already spend on Pinterest, so I will be fine.
    But don’t get too into the numbers, because I think Pinterest is one social media platform, that you love because of the content, not the numbers, so I prefer some good quality pins instead of quantity.
    Rule #1. Be sure to check the content before you pin it. Nobody wants old pins, broken links and low quality content.
    Rule #2. Be flexible about your Pinterest content. Have boards for inspiration, photography, patterns and anything, that is interesting for you, but be sure that you have more related to your blog/website content, than that flexible content (this is why I have created new account).
    Rule #3. Have visual idea. For example, my personal account is mostly fashion/interior pins, but I love minimal style & industrial interiors, so everything looks clean, minimal and sharp. Of course I have some of topic boards, but some of the pins just must go. Or go to secret boards.
    I love this option of having secret boards, where I can pin all the stupid content I don’t actually want to share. Because I like to keep my Pinterest clean and beautiful, so some pins might, in my opinion, ruin the idea, so I just pin them into my secret boards. I also use secret boards for idea sharing with my friends.
    There are some Pinterest apps, that should help you pin things, but I am not really convinced that I need to use them, since Pinterest is easy enough to use without any third party apps (maybe they have some from Pinterest itself?).
    So now, I can cross out Fix my Pinterest account of my list, and pin away my heart and soul. I am adding “Pinning” to my weekly grind, and have a legit excuse to procrastinate in Pinterest. I am still figuring out the way to make it generate traffic, but I think good quality content will do it for me, and if you are in that supportive mood, follow my blog’s Pinterest account or my personal account for some fashion+interior+nonsense. Or follow both.


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8

    • Hi! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone!

      Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to alll your posts!
      Keep up the superb work!