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    You become grumpy, uninspired, unproductive and less of a person – you might need a break.

    Recently I’ve been managing a lot of thing and realised I haven’t had a break for a long time. I use to spend my summer at the seaside and it was really refreshing, but this year I was working basically the whole summer. So the time came and I was buzzing everyones ears about how a need a break for quite a while.
    It might sound simple, just close your computer and spend all day with popcorn and some good movies from 1999. But it doesn’t work this way. If I am not working, I am usually thinking about my work, planning my work, working on my own projects or cleaning the apartment. You can’t really take a break in a messy apartment, can you?
    Then I started talking with other creatives about they breaks and learned that most of them feel the same way as I do, and the only way to actually take a break is to leave your home and go somewhere. And not somewhere you can spend all day sitting by the computer (though changing of scenery is good for mind flow), but somewhere you can take long walks with no clear destination, explore something, maybe spend time with your significant other, breath in some fresh air.
    Two winters ago, I went to Paris. And since I hated Paris from the first time I visited it, I haven’t had high expectations. It was the middle of the December, and as we all know winter in Lithuania is dark and cold. I go to Paris and it is autumn in there. It isn’t cold, sun is shining, all the trees are red and yellow, so it is a perfect weather for a walk. So I end up wandering around Paris with my headphones in my ears and no particular destination (nor the map) for a week. And I finally feel the vibe of the Paris, I get to all the amazing destinations by intuition or accident – Louvre and Eiffel Tower at night, all the squares and parks and churches, eat some amazing food and it is just lovely. Probably one of the best trips I’ve had.
    I’ve been following this blog for sometime now, called “Hey, Sweet Pea“, and at that time it was a blog. And then they, Elise & Scott Grice, had a sudden change of mind and sold everything, rethought everything and now they travel all around the country in their caravan or house on wheels (I am really bad with car types) and I find it to be trully inspiring and amazing. They also manage to work while traveling, and I recently discovered one podcast, where they actually talked about their brand and life and it all sounded really refreshing. But just check their Instagram, who wouldn’t wanna live like this?
    So why am I telling this? Sometimes we, the creatives, forget about the wonders of the world, and wondering itself. We get so caught up in the work that our enthusiasm, productivity and inspiration drops and our mood makes everyone around us as unhappy as we are, so sometimes (most of the time) the simple solution is just to take a break. Shut down your computer (or just leave it at home), do not go to your email (this is what I am super good at), do not check your social media (so much easier to avoid all that when you go outside of your country) and just enjoy.
    And I should take my own advice on this – I was planning a weekend trip to the seaside, but that got canceled so I am thinking of all the ways go escape the city, and I just love travels (like whenever somebody mentions a possibility of even a shortest trip I get really excited and my little alter ego just jumps up and down and shakes it all around).
    Though I am was already planning on using those 3+ hours while my boyfriend would be driving to get some work done… I do sound like a workaholic, don’t I? :D
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8