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    “Hello, it’s August” is back with the new concept, new ideas and a new vision.

    There is a reason, why I was completely absent from my blog and social media – I needed time to figure out the direction I was going to take. One day I woke up feeling like it’s all out of my control, and there is way to much mess to try to actually clean it up – I needed a break to start things new, and make things better this time around. The break, which let me create new perspective, get some distance and focus on what is important to me.

    Let’s start from the start though. What happened?

    Trough the years of blogging I was always happy to blog, I wanted to blog and it was never (okay, almost never) forced. But it never felt quite right the things that I blog about. But I was too into it to actually see a bigger picture. When I finally felt annoyed by it doesn’t feeling right, I started analyzing. I tried narrow it down, actually pin pointing my unique vision and most importantly finding myself in what I write about. And I couldn’t. I understood that the excitement is gone, and the feeling would not leave me no matter what I do.
    Very accidentally I stumbled across the idea of making my blog more professional. And when I actually though about it, it all fell right into places. I knew that this was the key of making it ALL work – my life, my work and my blog – together, actually leading one thing to another.
    So I took a break to think about things – and there were actually a lot of things to think about and plan. Completely changing the course, and probably most of the audience was a scary step to take, but I was willing to do it, because even my inner critic said “Do it” (and most of the time she isn’t the most supportive).

    The big why?

    I always wanted my blog to feel a natural extension to my life. I never wanted to be journal like, I wanted to give value to my readers. And I realized that it is actually hell of a lot similar to my work. Even the same principles applied, because my readers are my clients, and my clients are my readers.
    Even though I work as a graphic designer, my clients hire me for that, I spend a lot of time on a daily basis to extend my knowledge beyond my field of expertise. And I do love to share my knowledge, because it brings me great joy to give direction to my clients, give them clarity and provide them with not just a single product, but also the ways they can actually use it.
    I wanted to extent that sharing of knowledge beyond my work. I want to give information to people who are just starting, people that are also freelancers, creative people, bloggers who can’t afford my services or are just starting, people who have questions, people who are interested… All sorts of people. Because that is the most important thing. Sharing the ideas, connecting, creating relationships and creating value.
    And my blog is a perfect place for that.

    What have changed?

    Getting more professional doesn’t mean boring – for me it means focusing of what brings me joy, doing what I love, writing about what I am passionate about and sharing some great stories. And isn’t that what blog should be about?
    Yes, it means I will share much more content that is related to my work field – graphic design – but also, how can you do it yourself, where the magic hides.
    I also will share some of the knowledge from related fields – photography, video, social media and even programming. And sometimes, I will still share some bits of a personal – like travels. Because every boss needs a time to relax.
    I honestly think of this, as a new chapter in my life. New plan, new ideas, new strategies. With the new energy I go into this adventure, so bare with me, stay with me and let’s enjoy this adventure together :)
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 4