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    Autumn is here and I can’t help myself but feel a bit melancholic. It means I will travel way less (even though I have one travel planned for next weekend), on the other hand this summer felt like constant vacation, and autumn is more about focusing on work and creating things, which makes me excited.
    This summer presented me with new opportunities, which made me think about the future of my blog too, changes in my life are already reflecting in my blog, and it will reflect even more + I have some projects I really want to do in the close future. I am starting to think about combining all the elements together as well as possible to create a single continues (personal) brand.
    But for now, here you are some pictures from the seaside (obviously the weather wasn’t really good for swimming), but good enough to take a short walk.


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 Mar 24