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    Not so short story about 2005, low waisted jeans and my approach to fashion.

    Back in deep and dark two thousand and five, everyone wore a particular kind of jeans – low waisted flare jeans, that ware worn during the all seasons. It wasn’t that bad, except for two things – they were so low waisted that whenever you wanted to tie your shoes you have to hold your waist with one hand and tie with another (useful skill to pick) or just be sure that your butt faces the wall, and that it was so long that it collected all the dirt from the ground especially during the winter, and the water just went up your leg along with the dirt, plus from the constant touch with not so soft asphalt it would rip pretty easily at the end.

    Since I was a lot into some punk rock music, I decided that I wanted a simple pair of black skinny jeans, which as it turned out was impossible to find in the stores. My searching went on and on, when finally the flare jeans trend ended and to my glory jeans got tighter, yet not as tight as I wanted. So I picked the only black skinny jeans I could find (which actually was a regular fit), but it was liberating for me. To my surprise, I found that pair of jeans lying in the drawer in my countryside house about a year ago. With a bit of grater, scissors and ripping action, plus adjusting to make them actually skinny, I turned them into ripped skinny jeans.

    When this story, with different clothes, repeated more than few times I started relying on my sixth fashion sense a lot, along with my common sense of what I actually would wear on a daily basis. And I am not afraid to try new things, yet I am not willing to spend any money on items that I will wear more or less one time.

    On the other hand, for example, I was very happy when finally “mom jeans” come into stores. Few years ago I was on expedition to find a pair of jeans, that would be exactly like that vintage pair of Levi’s that your mother use to own – high waisted heavy material jeans that would work the magic, yet would be made in this century. To my surprise, I could find none. Ziltch. Even in the price range of very cheap to super expensive there was none.

    So whenever fashion goes along with my needs, I am happy as a bird with a french fry (because that doesn’t happen that often), on the other times I just wait for the trends to pass, and I don’t have to look at another choker or fishnet stockings anymore. I don’t even say that they are particularly bad as trends, yet I can’t find a way to incorporate any of them in my closet, since first – both of them are functionless and a bit 2005 (I can honestly say I have bitter feeling about that particular year), second – I don’t usually wear necklaces that would be uncomfortable (or any necklaces frankly) or tights that gives no warmth.

    So, during the years I learned to create a set of rules of how I approach style (and, a set of rules for pretty much anything – Hermione would be proud) and it makes me a bit huffy to see someone wearing something that is trendy, yet not quite their tempo. So basically, I leaned what is my tempo, and I stick to my tempo quite a lot. And yes, that includes buying a lot of versions of the same thing (like my latest – movie t-shirt), but heck, I rather have something that I will love until I put permanent stains on it and turn it into my sleeping outfit, rather than have something, that has an expiration date. Plus you can’t sleep with a choker.


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 23