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    Ah, * improvements *. Some of you might have noticed that Facebook feels a bit different these days. Especially if you are content creator. And is has to do a lot with Facebook algorithm (basically the math behind everything that is chosen to be shown in your and everyone else’s feed).  The problem with it is people are way more complex than any math problem can solve.

    So one day someone in the Facebook woke up with an idea in their head (probably not how it happened, but let me have this story) to actually change the way the content is shown – the order and the priority of it. For a simple user it means that Facebook wants to show more popular content, and content that your peers like (and actually makes you more narrow minded) and might actually leave behind the content that you might be interested in but haven’t seen it already. They call it “More Authentic and Timely Stories“. I call it bulls crap.

    Okay, so basically Facebook thinks, that you want to see three things :

    a) Content from people who are close to you
    b) Content that is popular
    c) Content that is trending right now

    They might actually be right on paper, but in reality, at least in my feed, people are less likely to post anything these days so what I see is a lot of trending or popular, but totally irrelevant content. It is just plain old boring.

    For a content creator or a person using Facebook for marketing it means a lot though. If you own a Facebook Page, and you post content to the page, that might not get as much reactions as Beyonce’s pregnancy, people are less likely to see your content. Especially new people.

    So Facebook decided to be Smaug (a dragon from “Lord of the Rings” that really likes gold) and create this amazing option for you to pay for your content to be seen by wider audience. And if you are not willing to make a rich company richer, you are out of luck, pal.

    Of course, there are several ways to *try* to reach wider audience with your content that Facebook still approves and are free :

    1. Videos. I think that it has something to do with the fact, that millennials really like video, or they just trying to be a Jack of many traits, but they really like when you post a video.
    2. Try to prompt people to engage. Ask them to share their opinion, experience, ask questions. That creates comment engagement and Facebook likes it.
    3. Do not be sad and try to look for other ways on other platforms to promote your content *caught* Pinterest.

    And you might actually think, that this is all not that important, but that what Facebook actually want you to think. In reality, there has been a significant 42% drop in the audience reach. This means that you content is seen by FORTY TWO percent less people – out of 100 people that might have seen your post before the change – only 58 people now do.

    And that sounds kind of awful. As a matter of fact, it will only get worse. Even with paid ads, for what prices are getting higher, it will become harder to reach new audience and be seen. So my advice is only to focus on doing what you are doing (apart from Facebook marketing) and do not get depressed over lower numbers.


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 8