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    I am a pretty much “depends on the mood” kind of person, which, I my opinion, get’s my productivity down by about 50 %. I am working at home, and there are days, when I get up very late and barely get a single thing done.
    So I am trying an experiment to get my productivity rate higher. I am planning. I am committing to my schedule at least for a week. And I am not starting tomorrow, I am starting today.
    For the sake of the experiment, I will report after a week how did it worked, how much things I got done, and review some basic experiment points, like planning (how well I manage time theoretically), time management in real life, how much plans got interrupted by other people, how much things I got done.
    My planning also includes blogging, so I hope I will get some more quality (not just quantity) post in my blog during the time of the experiment.
    Stay tuned,
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8