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    As a blogger, you should’ve somewhere heard this word combination : “media kit”. I truly believe, that every blogger needs to have one in order to pitch the brands you want to work with, show you best qualities as a blogger. I’ve done more than one media kit during my years as a designer, and I know a thing or two behind this mysterious term “media kit”. If you didn’t or have no idea what it is and what to eat it with – continue reading.

    What is Media kit?

    Media kit is basically a CV of your blog – it highlights the achievements of your blog, and says more or less if you are a right fit for a brand, that you send your media kit to. There are no strict rules (not yet, at least) about how your media kit should look like, but my advice is that your media kit should represent your brand and not mislead the client. After all, you want to work with brands that are close to your heart, don’t you?

    What can I add to my Media kit?

    1. Your best pictures. Pictures are one of the most important parts of your blog, so why not to show it of? Use them for cover, in pages along with your stats, and you can even make a single page with best pictures only.
    2. Topics you write about – you should mention them somewhere. It can be in a form of “fashion & lifestyle blog” on a cover or it can be a separate section.
    3. Your blog statistics : Total views, average visits per month and average unique visitors per month. You can also add subscribers if you have that impressive number.
    4. Social media statistics : Your most used social media platforms and followers on each of them. You can also add @ to every one of them (in a light italic font).
    5. Demographics. What age group does your blog mostly speaks to, where are your readers from, what percentage of female / male readers visit your blog.
    6. Brands you’ve worked with – if you have an impressive list of brands you worked with – go ahead and show them off.
    7. Where you have been featured – some impressive magazines, websites, all that jazz.
    8. Ways of working with you – list them all (sponsored posts, social media posts, ambassadorship… whatever comes to mind).
    9. Price list – along with opportunities to work with you, you might actually list all the prices.
    10. Contacts – Of course, how a brand can contact you.
    As a bonus from design side – add link to your blog on every page (at exactly the same location). 

    How long your media kit should be?

    It should not be longer than 10 pages for sure, and it can be as short as two pages (but I personally recommend more than two).

    What format should it be?

    PDF for sure. Plus, if you use Adobe Acrobat, you can make links clickable – such as your website link, email and social media, to make it look more professional. I usually create separate files in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop, and combine them into one PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

    What to do if I don’t have impressive stats?

    1. Growth. Instead of writing a number of views on your blog, you can actually write about the growth of your blog. With an impressive percentage. Let’s say you had 100 views last month, and 500 this month, that is an impressive growth of 500%.
    2. Write about what you have – like let’s say you write 20 posts per month – and that is pretty impressive. Use it.
    3. Your social media is not doing so great? Well first of all you can increase this stat very fast, and second of all – you can write how much followers you get in a month.
    4. Design. Design like you are the best blogger of them all. You would not believe the things people actually believe when they see a good design.
    5. Short motivational letter – something to actually make you look human, personalized and make a brand feel something. Be honest and be great.

    Of course, you can make it your own way, and these are only suggestions. The most important thing is to actually make brand believe that you know what you are doing, and if they work with you you will do your best to promote their product, their money will not go to waste and they will be glad to work with you (and hopefully make it a long term relationship).

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 5