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    My favourite client, that I can even call a friend, Dovilė Bielousovaitė, hands and mind behind the DobShop, is showing her work this weekend on Loftas Fest ‘ 15 Design Pavilion. The best thing is that people will be able to buy her amazing backpacks, bags and clutches right on spot!

    Past few weeks, we’ve been working together on photography and design, and I watched Dovilė working and creating her amazing pieces. You might thing that creating leather backpacks is a girly thing, au contraire mes amis – the sound that comes from her studio is not some light pop music, it is the sound of sewing machine and hammering.
    Working with DobShop is a great experience for me, and what can you know, maybe we will do some projects together in the future?
    But for now, I don’t wanna spoil anything, so I will sum it up with just a quick note  – if you have a ticket to Loftas Fest (and if you don’t it is not to late to buy one) visit DobShop at Design Pavilion this weekend : )


    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8