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    An honest story about train hopping,
    double identities and other casual life stories and
    how you can learn from them.

    I’ve been listening to Being Boss lately (my all time favourite podcast, that got me on podcast train again) and I heard this question about separate social media accounts for personal and business versus one for all account. And this seemed like a no brainer to me, and I haven’t thought about it that much, until I did.
    So I have tons of social media accounts:
    1. Personal Facebook
    2. Facebook for my blog
    3. Shared Instagram account
    4. Personal Google Plus
    5. Blog’s Google Plus
    6. Shared Pinterest account
    7. Twitter
    8. Others I don’t actually recall
    So I thought this list is way to big to have it all under control, considering I have a basically full time job and blog to take care of, my personal projects + this social media mess. I think we should dig into it one by one.
    1. Personal Facebook. I had it for years (though I was late into Facebook train at least a year, if not two), and recently I scrolled trough my Facebook history and realised two things: I use to post way more back in a day and I need to clean it up from that posting. But I think of my Facebook account very cautiously – it’s like my second portfolio, so nothing on my Facebook wall that can compromise my integrity, like party photos, no racism, not too many jokes, no dark music… Well at this point, I don’t post almost anything, except I change my profile picture once in 6 months and match my cover to my current hair colour. But I use Facebook for communication daily.
    2. Blog’s Facebook. Sad story. I honestly have all the knowledge to make my blog’s Facebook work, though it requires time, I actually don’t have. So I made a promise to fix it up until 2016, so January 1st of 2016 I will be happy with the direction of my Facebook page. What I want to achieve: 1. A beautiful cohesive feed and 2. Growth of the followers (you can be nice enough to like it now and watch me fulfilling my promise).
    3. Instagram. Let me share a story – one evening I was working with a friend on a project, and checked my Instagram when I saw that somebody unfollowed me. I was like :” I wish I could know who unfollowed me, and see why they did that…” and my friend told me about the app, which actually does that for me (duh, why am I even surprised, if there’s an app which supposedly should help you grow your hair, there’s an app for everything) and she instantly installed it on my phone. Advice – don’t do it. It’s not worth getting sour over few unfollowers.
      I was late on Instagram train pretty majorly too, but when I was writing fashion/lifestyle blog, my Instagram was alright, because, well one more picture of food never hurt nobody, but when I changed my blog, I believe my followers expect a decent informative feed and I still want to post pictures of my food – so I wanted to create another account. But then I realised some deep math behind it – if I am part of my blog, and my blog is part of my life, then the other part of my life, that isn’t my blog, helps me to create my blog, so the part of that part should be a part of my blog. Makes total sense, yes? (more deep math) So Instagram being part of my blog means that the part of the part that inspires me, even if it’s the photo of food, should find a place between informative feed and my followers should understand it, yes? So I don’t need another account, I should make my feed believably legit. I will work on it until  2016, and that is the second part of my promise.
    4. Google Plus. Personal first. I have 260k of views on my personal Google Plus account and you know what? That is 259,970 I DON’T CARES. I personally think few things about Google Plus: 1. I don’t see a point of it. 2. I have one follower for 8386 views I get, so what is up with that? 3. Why should I care about the followers? So I don’t pay a lot of attention to it, I just wonder what is with this social platform in general.
    5. Same goes for my blog’s Google Plus. I have it, but do I really need it? No. Do I want it? No. Does it helps for SEO? Maybe. Should I care about that? Not really.
    6. Pinterest. I was pretty early to jump into this train, and I still love riding it (sorry for this “that’s what she said” reference) but I have few problems with it : 1. I might want a second, informative account dedicated to blogging and entrepreneurship (should I?) 2. I love it for personal use and should dig into specifics of it to use it as a decent social media strategy. But I still love it. I will always love it. And it is the only social media platform, where I don’t really care about the numbers and only care about the content, which is great. Maybe this is my recipe. Stop caring about the numbers and care about the content. But how? Maybe do a number free month… That seems like a good idea.
    7. Twitter. Well the thing with Twitter is that our country never actually got use to using Twitter, me being a part of my country, share the same characteristic. And I think, that for now, I should totally leave it alone (though I get email notifications). Maybe some day, I will learn how to use it, but I have enough tasks for now. Goes same for all other accounts.
    So my conclusions being:
    1. I will work on my blog’s Facebook;
    2. Work on Instagram.
    3. Read more on Pinterest strategies.
    4. Forget other accounts.
    I am big lover of planning and not sticking to my plan, so I wanted to share this mess with you, so you could learn from my mistakes, because cleaning the mess is so much harder that starting fresh, and that we all struggle with some sort of issues, but acknowledging them is a first step I think. I also will share how will I deal with my struggles, because I truly believe I am not the only one out there with this kind of mess (am I?). Maybe I am not that good at social media stuff? Nah, I think I can totally figure this out. Can I get an AMEN?
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8