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    Few days ago I went to an event by Deichmann, where they presented us with latest collections, spring trends and research about Lithuanian habits of wearing shoes. It was all lovely, and the food was great (yep, macaroons and cupcakes), and we had a nice morning there. I want to talk a bit more about what I learned.
    PART 1
    Let me ask you a question – how many pairs of shoes for a season do you own? Let’s say spring. Well, I use t have about 10 pairs, but I use to mostly wear 2-3 of those ten pairs. Well, an average Lithuanian citizen owns about 2 pairs per season. Also, that citizen tend to wear same two pairs for few seasons in a row.
    Let’s say we categorise it a bit, old people (let’s call them wise people instead) and young people (call them not-so-wise people). Well not-so-wise people, they tend to buy way more shoes (actually more than they need to). And when I was not-so-wise, I use to buy tons of shoes and actually wear maybe 30% of them all. Why? Because being not-so-wise comes with not-so-wise decisions, and that reflects in decisions about shoes too. While wise people, they are satisfied with the pair that they own, because they don’t care about latest trends and of course, there are some financial issues attached to it too.
    Lithuanians like to chose shoes by their quality, potential durability and price. And I’d say that is pretty good values. Lithuanians also prefer not to differentiate themselves from the crowd, and that is deep Lithuanian qualities – we just prefer to be like everyone else, don’t we? I am not talking about everyone in this case, but most of the people like to stay unnoticed.
    Have you been in the shopping centre lately? Yeah, I’ve been and it is super exhausting walking from one side to the other, and after few hours of walking around shopping centre I feel like I was climbing a mountain. So, average Lithuanian only buy shoes when they really have to. And I completely understand this. I feel like I want new pair of shoes, but the idea of going to a shopping mall is unbearable to me. And there are financial issues too.
    I believe that I got this all research wrong, because the point of it was to make us buy more shoes, but all I, as a wanna-be-minimalist, want to say is – buy shoes if you need to, if you have to, and if you are completely sure you are going to wear them, because what is the point of buying shoes for a festival, if you never go to festivals anyways?
    PART 2
    Trendy shoes for the spring. Hm, trendy… 
    1. Oxfords on a platform. I am always up for women wearing men’s power suits, shoes included. Except, I look terrible in those. My ankle is so tiny that the shoes look like a clown shoes, so I got this crossed out of my list. I know, that I look best with shoes that covers my ankles, so be sure you are not one of those people. Other than that, go ahead and buy a pair of fancy looking dandy shoes.
    2. Platforms. Oh, I am loving platforms. Those are my number one, because I don’t like wearing heels, so platforms is a way to go. And they look good on almost everyone.
    3. Ballerinas. Ok, I was never into them. Ever. I use to own one pair, that way leather and nude, and basically nothing wrong with them, but I hated it so much that I was wearing them to do works around the yard, like, cutting grass. But feel free to buy another pair. Or not.
    4. Shoes with laces. I mean, gladiators, heels, platforms with laces. The more the better. Unless you have to go somewhere really fast. Or they just don’t stay where you want them to. But, I suppose they look nice. I might even wear the pair of gladiators that I own from two-thousand-something-teen.
    5. SNEAKERS. YAAAS. That is my kind of temple. I mean, sneakers all the way. Buy a pair of good sneakers. Like Chuck Taylor’s (they never go out of style). Or Nike’s. My favourites are Nike Air Force 1. I could own 10 of these and never feel unhappy. I believe that investing in a good pair of sneakers is the best investment you can make. After buying gold and real estate.
    I was suppose to talk about Deichmann, wasn’t I? So they have all the shoes that I listed above, you should really check it out. And they have reeeeaaally nice dandy shoes, I was kind of tempted to get, but they I remember that I don’t wear those. But they have it in gold. And that is awesome.
    I promise myself to make a list of shoes to buy (or not to buy) this spring according to me. Coming soon…
    PART 3
    I bet you really want to see how this whole thing goes, so here are some pictures from the presentation, and I got a pair of shoes myself. Not quite my colour, but let’s give a try for more colourful springtime. And you can always tempt me with pair of sneakers. 


    Deichmann_pavassaris vasara 2016Deichmann_pavasaris vasara 2016

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8