I’ve been working quite a lot lately, and the most amazing thing is that I got some free time to work on my personal projects too, including my blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about it these past few months and where am I heading with it, I’ve done a lot of writing ideas and just brainstorming about it. Finally, I came to few unanswered questions to myself and a lot of new ideas. This is my first new idea – mood board. Search for inspiration is a part of my life on a daily basis, so sharing it seemed like a logical step. Some of the boards might be colour coordinated, some might be focused on a pattern, shape or for that matter anything. Since it’s the second half on the October and Halloween is several days away, I decided to start with the mood board for Halloween colours –… Read more

How getting rid of 70% of my clothes out solved a problem of nothing to wear Few months ago I did an experiment – I’ve got rid of 70 % of my clothes. I was inspired my minimalism (and still am) and was emptying all the corners of my apartment, when I decided to look at my closet with a critical eye. I got nothing to wear already, what is the worse that can happen? I made four criteria for the clothes, that made back to the closet, and they seem to be pretty simple ones too: Perfect fit Not worn out My style and colour Worn in a past year I am not a radical person, so I held on some of the clothes that didn’t belong in my closet, just to see if I am not making a major mistake. They were not in my closet though. Few months… Read more

 Few days ago I went to an event by beauty company Avon, and I got a little present. Since I am already fan of Avon nail polishes, because of their colours and variety, I got pretty excited to try it out as soon as I got home. I got two colours : “Rain washed” and “Sapphired up”; and a transparent top coat. I usually have two criterions when it comes to the nail polishes – the colour and the lasting. Avon nail polishes have very nice, bright colours and most of them are long lasting. If it stays perfectly on my nails for more than three days (I mean not even a scratch) I call it success.Read more

 I want to present you my first custom WordPress template called “Hello, February”. I’ve been working on it for quite a while, paying extra attention to the details. I always wanted a template, where you can chose between some options on positioning your specific post, so I have build 4 options for that, it has 4 layout options too, slider and tons of extra features. I wanted to create clean and sharp template for bloggers, who pays special attention to their pictures and want to feauture them in the best way possible. This template is available to purchase on my design website. You can see the demo here and find more information here.Read more

I am a major fan of planning, so planning things I want to change in 2016 (aka New year resolutions) is quite a major thing for me. But even bigger thing is to actually stick with the resolutions you made. Most of the people, who make new year resolutions, tend to give up on them on the first month of the year, and I am not saying that I am different, but when I think of it, it would be quite nice to make that sudden change and sticking with your New year resolution for good, wouldn’t it be? I came to a conclusion, that making New year resolution is not only making a plan of thing you want to change – because some things take time, some things are just a change of habit and they take will – but it is also making a legit plan on changing… Read more

I bet most of you have heard about this wonderful tool. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you would say, that you tried it and not really stick to it. Because that is me and the big part of the current Evernote users. And that is the thing with Evernote. It is brilliant, but it somehow doesn’t reveal it’s brilliance until you start using it full time. I truly committed to using Evernote on the third try with more than a year gap between each of the tries. But now – I just love it. I can’t imagine how I use to blog without using Evernote daily. So if you want to get more organised for next year, I suggest you try Evernote. And not like that shallow try, but really get into it.Read more