Hey there! It’s Monday (again…) and for the first time in a loooong time, I’m kind of sad about Monday coming.  I had a blast this Saturday, since it was the day of street music and the night of the museums. I went to listen some amazing music (i’ve been fascinated with these two guys playing Mexican music) and visited 6 museums. Yes, six museums in a short period of about 5 hours. I’ve seen a lot also – from scary to inspiring, from primitive art to contemporary, been haunted by a ghost of Hamlet, who just wouldn’t leave me alone, and walked a lot (still trying to deal with muscle pain). This was so eventful, that I feel the Monday blues right now, so trying to get back on track starting with the blog. I am sharing a post, pretty much dedicated to my favourite client, who creates backpacks.… Read more

This doesn’t happen usually, but sometimes, very very rarely I wear bright colours. I do! (I feel like I have to prove it sometimes). You need to keep the balance, so for the balance – I want to share this bright look. It has been sitting in my computer for about a week, but I wanted to finish my design changes first. The days might have got a bit colder, but we got whole summer ahead, so I am hoping to bring out my bright side to the public.Read more

Somehow people thinks, that bloggers have a major closet. I have a confession to make – I don’t have a big closet. At least not anymore. I cleaned up my closet big time, and now I have a pretty much my version of a capsule closet. And I kind of enjoy it. Also, I don’t buy new clothes until I will realise the items I need to buy and carefully pick them. My top priority now is to feel good, and I can’t feel good in uncomfortable shoes, can I?Read more

Part 3 of my retrospective post series, and today I am bringing back a 90’s vibe with high waisted jeans, white sweatshirt and trench coat. All about a simple colours and classic models.Read more

I feel like hot weather hit me so fast, that I haven’t fully transitioned, so not yet ready for shorts, I decided to go with skirts (and ripped jeans of course). I am already dreaming of going to the countryside to enjoy the wilderness, and that happens very rarely :)Read more

  Those who work in a creative field, probably are familiar of the feeling of being stuck with something. I learned that most of the time the best way to get out of it is either good night sleep or a walk. Just emptying your mind and getting some distance from your work usually does miracles. I usually say no to projects, that don’t feel like my kind of jam, but once in a while I get lured into these kind of project and then I take a lot of walks. The weather being so nice, I am not even complaining, and my partner in crime is willing to go out with me and take pictures of my outfits. So while on thing suffers – other blooms. With spare procrastination time on my hands (because I usually tend to work and not procrastinate) I made some design experiments, and I… Read more