Ah, * improvements *. Some of you might have noticed that Facebook feels a bit different these days. Especially if you are content creator. And is has to do a lot with Facebook algorithm (basically the math behind everything that is chosen to be shown in your and everyone else’s feed). The problem with it is people are way more complex than any math problem can solve. Read more

I have a confession to make – I am a bit of Pinterest addict. When I make my first cup of coffee in the morning, I check my Facebook, then Instagram and then I am all over Pinterest (best for last, yeah?). So automatically, I like to have my blog Pinterest ready so other could enjoy my blog content on Pinterest and share it easily.First, what is so called “Pinterest-ready”? Pin-it button Rich pins Pinterest Analytics Build-in description If you are new to this, this all might sound like a lot (or maybe not since it’s only four steps). Let’s talk about it more, step by step, okay?Read more

When my Mac got some issues, I turned it in to Apple service and while it seems nice to have a break from work, I almost went insane after half of the day of watching all the missed episodes of “doctor who”, so I decided to work on articles for my blog. I have seen few articles about time to post on social media, so I decided to really dig into this topic. I did some research on social media timings, and to my surprise all sources were a bit different from each other. Why? Because every audience in every country is a bit different. So my only logical step was to analyse my particular audience, and thank the gods of social media I was easily able to do that. So let’s dig into it.Read more

I have finally decided to create a Twitter account for the blog and here it is (like it, follow it and support me). I’ve been postponing creating Twitter for so long, that I decided that if I am not going to do this before the end of 2015, I might not do it at all (better late than never, yes?). My social media category from now on will include some Twitter tips and tricks along with other major social media, but first- I need to dig a little bit deeper into this platform myself.Read more

Part 3 of social media strategy – making your pictures in social media look cohesive. If you have your own brand, blog or business, you probably own two/three+ social media accounts to reach your audience. I want to talk mostly about Instagram/Facebook in this post and how to achieve cohesive, branded feed trough pictures. I was thinking about this feed cohesion on many different levels and at the end I decided to talk about all of them.Read more

Part 2 I recently introduced you to building your social media strategy, the theoretic part. Now, let’s take things into action. I suggest making social media strategy for one month, and since November is half passed, let’s take December as our starting social media strategy month (and it is a perfect month, because December is so rich with topics). So let’s dig in to it.Read more