I found this shot in my archives of withered flowers in my archives, and this got me thinking. There is beauty and positivity in most of the things, you only have to chose to see it. Me, as well as probably most of you, become not a big fan of Mondays, but on the other hand, Mondays for me come with enthusiasm to get trough my work with hope, that this week might be better than the last one, that this week might bring something new and exciting to my life. And yes, I usually wake up Monday morning thinking about all the deadlines, all the work, and sometimes it feel like 99 problems are weighting my shoulders, but if you relax, make a plan, and work one thing at the time, at the end of the day I am happy with what I’ve done and what tasks I managed to… Read more

Oh, it has been a busy day, and I finally found some time to sit by computer and write a post (you know, 30 DAY CHALLENGE). I want to share some of my work, that I actually made at home, without any studio or actually any very special equipment. Because if you know how to use your tools well, you can achieve greatness, aye? So these are few of the backpacks made by DOBSHOP, and you probably know, we’ve been working together for quite a while. But I still get surprised every time I see something new, totally out of the box, sometimes I feel like Dobshop is completely reinventing the concept of backpack. First one is made out of genuine leather with sort of “crocodile” texture. Second one is this crazy textured leather that has a bit of apocalyptic vibe to it, but on the other hand, with this… Read more

I’ve been working with Lithuanian brand Tanchel for more than a year now, and once in a while I work on making pictures, that feature the bracelets, that Tanchel creates. We always aim for warm, feminine, colourful and expensive looking pictures, to show the ways that bracelet can fit into your current range of accessories, no matter what is your style. I even own one of the bracelets myself, and with my style, I like to think of it as a bit rock’n’roll but yet expensive looking accessory. Sometimes it is a bit challenging to create something from objects I find at home, but once I start working, ideas starts flowing. It is one of my favourite clients to work with, because I can actually use my creativity in these projects. Be sure to check this brand’s website, you know, Christmas is just around the corner and I believe this to… Read more

I’ve been moving around quite a bit lately, and planning to move around a bit more. Or travel. But I want to remain some sort of mystery, and I will reveal where I’ve been spending my days very soon. I believe that those of you who follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories have a clue where I might be, but I want to edit few more pictures before I share my experience. I went a bit out of town for few days, and I am very happy with the weather. Finally the autumn I was hoping for came. I went out to take some pictures of plants and trees because I couldn’t resist not to capture all the shades of autumn. And, I went crazy with color changing, and completely changed them all into my version of autumn. I wanted to share this post as some sort… Read more

It is sunny outside, and I feel like we can catch up with some of summer activities, let ourselves enjoy summer for a bit longer. And I am super happy with that, since I am planning a little trip of my own. But taking pictures with the sun shining very bright might get a bit difficult, because it creates high contrast and shadows become very blueish-black and highlights become very white. On the other hand, cloudy weather can create some amazing lights to take pictures in, especially during the sunrise. Gloomy weather is some sort of magical weather for me to take pictures. Especially when it’s pouring. It got this mysterious aura in it, makes everything a bit dreamy. And yes, maybe a bit dark and sad, but on the other hand, we can’t always have happy-go-lucky kind of pictures, can’t we? I learned to enjoy all kind of weather… Read more