Let me tell you a short back story : I had these chairs as long as I can remember. I use to incorporate them in my forts when I was a child, and they were perfect if you need to reach something on a top shelf (like candies). As far as I know, many people in Lithuania are familiar with this design, since it was massively produced in Soviet Union. I can’t remember how and why, but they ended up in my new apartment too. It might be because I had very few furniture when I moved in. But they had a sentimental value for me, and it might not be the best or coolest looking chair in the world, I never even thought about getting rid of them. So, one day I decided to get a bit colour matching in my apartment, and paint some things in monochromatic palette.… Read more

December is truly the most wonderful time of the year I believe. And even if the weather outside is not Christmassy at all, I think that power of Christmas is in the general mood – all the decorations, thinking about visiting your family, presents and other nice things. So as soon as it was the first of December (being reasonably in the mood and not a holiday psycho) I started decorating the apartment – Christmas lights everywhere – and the darkness outside is not that depressing all of the sudden!Read more

My boyfriend has a major thing for old technologies, especially anything related to sound, I, on the other hand, am a major fan of not having things, that I think are unnecessary, lying around the apartment. I don’t say I don’t like music, but most of my music is some random Spotify playlist that comes from my headphones, plugged into an iPhone, while walking to a meeting. So having a whole music dedication wall, with old vinyl player (okay, I have so vinyls too), giant speakers and electric guitar (okay, this one is mine too) always seemed a bit too much for me. But with time, it became an organic part of our apartment. Speakers became a place for plants, and last weekend I got inspired to paint everything I can with black chalk paint, so I painted one of the speakers. I started to realise, that more you live in… Read more