Wingardium leviosa and magical to-do list As a freelancer it is great to be able to work on your own time schedule. On the other hand, I sometimes get carried away or easily distracted, because no one is actually looking over my shoulder. And on the days that are not so intense, it’s totally okay, but on other days, when you actually need to get your shit together and do some work, it might be a bummer. Being the master of your time, comes with responsibilities – you have to learn to stay on track and own your time.Read more

As a freelancer, I have freedom to choose my work hours, and this summer I’ve been managing a four workdays week, meaning I have a Friday as a part of my weekend. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I realised that summer in Lithuania is short enough to let it slip away. And you still have to pay the bills, so I compromised. Same amount of work – less time I still have the same amount of work, and it means I have to do it in 4 days instead of 5, and that requires a proper system, time management and it means sometimes working after my work hours. Is it worth it? Totally. Inventing a system Mondays feel hard for me, because after 3 days of fun, getting back to work seems a bit harsh, though I tend to get the nastiest things done on Monday, because… Read more

While riding a train in the early Monday morning from one city to another, I decided to write a post. After this weekend of traveling a bit around the country, I feel rejuvenated and ready to work, but it wasn’t always like this. Some Mondays felt painfully not productive, and I felt like it was setting me for a bad, unproductive week, going trough work waiting for the weekend. But then I realised that I chose this path myself, and it used to bring me joy, and started thinking what got me off track and how to get myself back on track again. I started making guidelines to myself, hoping to live the max of my week not only 3 days that I call weekend. So here it is: Create a plan Whenever I travel, I found that I usually set my mind clear for an upcoming week. I wake… Read more

Because small things can make a big difference I believe, that every self-respecting blogger, business owner or creative should have an email signature to their emails. I hate to google all the information about people who want to work with me all across the internet and if you decide to work together, you have to ask for the phone and other information. If you have an email signature you will save time for the people you want to work with, since your contact information is easily accessible and you can add your website, social media and other things to email signature and look more serious and aware of your relationship with a client.Read more

Or why we undervalue ourselves. At least once, we all been asked to do something related to work for free. From strangers, from friends and sometimes even for relatives. I truly believe, that at some point in our lives, we all been tricked into doing something we don’t want to do free of change, or even things we would love to do for money, got a little sour when no pay is included.Read more

So you decided you will take your future into your own hands and started working with your clients personally. But since you are probably solopreneur, you are working from home. Yep, that’s me (though I have an intern now). And I do love my home. And I love my work (though there are days when I think I don’t). So this feels like a perfect combination. But there are some things we, people who work from home, deal with every day or at least once a week. So I will share some ups and downs on working from your home, and how do I deal with those downs.Read more