I recently finished one project – GBilinskaite blog design and development. It makes me very happy to see that the person I create something for is happy with what I’ve created, but what makes me even more happy is seeing my creation actually being used the way it suppose to be.Read more

As a blogger, you should’ve somewhere heard this word combination : “media kit”. I truly believe, that every blogger needs to have one in order to pitch the brands you want to work with, show you best qualities as a blogger. I’ve done more than one media kit during my years as a designer, and I know a thing or two behind this mysterious term “media kit”. If you didn’t or have no idea what it is and what to eat it with – continue reading.

What is Media kit?

Media kit is basically a CV of your blog – it highlights the achievements of your blog, and says more or less if you are a right fit for a brand, that you send your media kit to. There are no strict rules (not yet, at least) about how your media kit should look like, but my advice is that your media kit should represent your brand and not mislead the client. After all, you want to work with brands that are close to your heart, don’t you?
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I want to share one project of mine, that I recently finished – Trivium.lt website. I’ve been asked to do this project for quite a while, and because it is for my mom’s gallery, I always had other things to do. But I finally finished, and I am very proud with the result. My mom owns a gallery at her apartment, and she sets up exhibitions of various artist and hosts events that is art, literature or music related. So I wanted to make a website, that would be clean, simple to use and sophisticated. I did both – design and programming – myself (I am very proud of the programming part). Plus, of course, it is responsive – has a tablet and mobile versions.Read more

I’ve been killing time today a bit, working on these flowers. And since I was already there, decided to draft few wallpapers for you to download for free. And since the weather outside if definitely not spring, I wanted to give you some spring vibe at least when you look at your desktop. Download them for free: 2880 x 1800 dark / 2800 x 1800 bright 1920 x 1200 dark / 1920 x 1200 bright Iphone 6/7 dark / Iphone 6/7 brightRead more

Hey there, I’ve been busy for a while and I want to reveal what I’ve been up to. Some people update their closets during the spring, I decided to update my branding. I knew that I need an update, because I’ve been missing few elements for my branding, and create new items with old brand guidelines kind of sucked so I decided to give it a new look. All colour scheme kind of came naturally for me. I wanted something minimal, yet feminine and bright and one day I went trough my Instagram and found that I posted some pinkish pictures and I really liked them, so I decided to use that warm pinkish colour in my branding update, along with some light greys. I have more than few elements beyond what I shared here, but I promise they will reveal themselves with time. I also gave an update to… Read more