By the time it hits midnight and we start living in 2016 , I want to be ready to face new challenges and have even better new year. For this reason, I want to get some closure with 2015. And that includes my blog too. I believe that to blog better next year, I need to set up goals for 2016, and in order to do so, I need to see where am I at and what needs to be done, needs to be upgraded, I need to spend more time on or just leave it in 2015 and never think of it again.Read more

When I started blogging, and that was a long time ago, my blogging was a quite spontaneous process. I posted when I had time and inspiration and of course was not consistent at all. When I started taking my blogging more seriously, I find out of some tools to help you save time, and some of those really changed my game, but what I trully believe is finding some keys on how you make your blogging easier. Some simple things that can change your blogging game, help you commit, save time and have consistency without content quality loss. So I want to share some things, that I already do, that saves me some time and prevents me from having blog related headaches.Read more

As a designer I can clearly see the style behind my client brands, I can see past their current design and go straight to what they want to sell and adapt the design by their needs. Completely different case is when it comes to my personal blog branding. I see writing a blog as long time project, with expanding needs and more content, that always has to look cohesive. And I am a mood person – my blog’s vision usually gets clouded by all the endless possibilities, the content I find, the articles I read and I keep trying to adapt something, that later on doesn’t feel right to me. So after changing the design of my blog for, like, 4th time, I decided to create style guidelines.Read more

An honest story about train hopping, double identities and other casual life stories and how you can learn from them. I’ve been listening to Being Boss lately (my all time favourite podcast, that got me on podcast train again) and I heard this question about separate social media accounts for personal and business versus one for all account. And this seemed like a no brainer to me, and I haven’t thought about it that much, until I did.Read more

My confession about how my blog has flipped upside down and it is for good. Since last summer I’ve been working on my blog – changing the look of it and working on higher quality pictures, but it wasn’t enough for me. And it is not only the blog that felt a bit off – my work felt like a secondary thing, I wasn’t feeling like I am doing enough, also my planning was terrible. I only did things for deadlines. So I don’t actually know what flipped inside of me, but I started analysing my work and my blog, and more I analysed it, the more I felt the need to change shake things up and stir them a bit. And I know that things usually don’t come in a day, but some of them might be an epiphany of a split second that can totally change your perspective.Read more

Or why robots in subscription process are not cool at all. So yesterday I was telling you about why should you have an email subscription, and if you are convinced that you should, why not start setting it up now? Like ASAP. And it probably will not even take you an hour. I am not a big fan of paying anybody to do the work, I can do myself. So what I learned during this whole time of working on my blog, is that in the most cases you actually DON’T have to pay a cent.Read more