Some time ago I got some not so cool critique on my SEO skills, that, at that point of my life wasn’t my main focus nor my biggest strength. I can honestly say, that I didn’t even tried for the SEO of that website, and the critique was not very detailed also – “You understand nothing about SEO”. I was mad for a while, as any human being would be, and admitted, that it was on point few hours later. Even though I never positioned myself as a SEO expert, as stubborn as I am, I decided to learn (obviously not from a person who critiqued me).Read more

As a blogger, you should’ve somewhere heard this word combination : “media kit”. I truly believe, that every blogger needs to have one in order to pitch the brands you want to work with, show you best qualities as a blogger. I’ve done more than one media kit during my years as a designer, and I know a thing or two behind this mysterious term “media kit”. If you didn’t or have no idea what it is and what to eat it with – continue reading.

What is Media kit?

Media kit is basically a CV of your blog – it highlights the achievements of your blog, and says more or less if you are a right fit for a brand, that you send your media kit to. There are no strict rules (not yet, at least) about how your media kit should look like, but my advice is that your media kit should represent your brand and not mislead the client. After all, you want to work with brands that are close to your heart, don’t you?
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I wanted to write this post for a long time, because I feel like I owe this to my follow bloggers. Once in a while, I help bloggers to upgrade their blog, because I know they are focused on creating awesome content, rather then upgrading their blog to meet the standards of current blog UX or design. Needless to say, the platform. Some of the bloggers just don’t see a reason to upgrade, some just don’t find the perfect time to do it. Anyone that is reading this post, and have a well respected blog on Blogger, do me a favour and continue reading.Read more

Features to have on your blog, to make sure your visitor gets the best UX (User Experience) UX was something me and my boyfriend recently had few disagreements about. So I googled. I googled a lot. And this got me thinking about UX in general, and how to actually make a website that crates the best UX along with good design and good content of course. But let’s talk about UX now. UX is a User Experience on the website, and it counts in everything – loading speed, intuitive usage, good picture quality, responsiveness, ability to find what the user came to find. When you own a website, you actually want a visitor to stay as long as it can, so you create the environment in which user can easily navigate without thinking about it for too long. I want to talk about blogs in particular – the features and… Read more

Because my peeps in Lithuania are important to me I’ve been struggling with this question for an eternity – whether I should write in English, or in Lithuanian. Writing in both languages in one post seemed to mess with the whole structure of the post, and having a sort of second blog seemed to mess with the structure of the blog. Even though I decided to write my blog in English, because one day I might actually live somewhere, where most of the peeps will not understand Lithuanian language, the whole idea was not leaving my mind. It felt like I owe something to my fellow Lithuanians. I was preparing for one project yesterday, and decided to look for options (because last time I looked the option was only to auto translate, and we all know how well they auto translate from English to a language as difficult as Lithuanian).… Read more

I have a confession to make – I am a bit of Pinterest addict. When I make my first cup of coffee in the morning, I check my Facebook, then Instagram and then I am all over Pinterest (best for last, yeah?). So automatically, I like to have my blog Pinterest ready so other could enjoy my blog content on Pinterest and share it easily.First, what is so called “Pinterest-ready”? Pin-it button Rich pins Pinterest Analytics Build-in description If you are new to this, this all might sound like a lot (or maybe not since it’s only four steps). Let’s talk about it more, step by step, okay?Read more