If someone would’ve asked me “what’s next?” more than a month ago, I would probably show my plan or at least tell 5 steps that I have had planned for my future. But the past month, that might have been the longest month of my life, made me completely fall apart and left me without a solid plan and got me back up on my feet again. But this time it was different. In the end of spring some major changes in my life happened and it got me to a place, where I felt like nothing is ever real and everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy. This led me to a strange feeling that nothing had meaning anymore, or that things that used to make sense to me, did not made sense to me anymore. After this ground shake, I tried to go back… Read more

LONG STORY NOT SO SHORT When I was moving out from my old apartment few years ago, I remember bags and boxes full of stuff that I don’t actually need and I am getting rid of. If you would ask me today what was in those bags and boxes, I couldn’t say, because, well, I don’t miss those items even a bit. I never think of it. I use to have tons of stuff – clothes, papers, art supplies, collectibles, cute things and other clutter, so cleaning my room was a major task. After I moved into my new apartment, I was still slowly getting rid of things. Sometimes I get this urge to trow things out. Some time ago, I started actually thinking about my goals, my priorities, the things I love to do, want more of, and the things I didn’t liked that much. I learned that creating is… Read more

I believe that most of us have a nasty habit of comparing ourselves with others, or at least what we perceive about others. And that is the engine of the humanity, it makes us work harder and aim higher. But at the same time it crushes people that are fragile and could maybe do great things but they tend to beat themselves up for not being as great as somebody else. I would like to say that I “use to” compare but I still do compare myself with others. But I’ve learned to analyze and get inspired by it and find motivation in it. It is not crushing me, au contraire – I changed my mindset into “if they can make it, so can I, but do I want to?”.Read more

After a long holiday season it is a bit hard for me, and I think not only me, to get back on track. And in my case it is not an after-holiday sadness, on a contrary – it is the want and need to change things. I believe that actually one of the most consistent things about me is the need to change things all the time. But after it hits midnight on new year eve, something awakens inside of me hoping that things will be different from that moment on. I don’t believe in things magically changing by their own – I believe in something changing inside of me that makes things around me change, and that is the part of my new year resolution every year. I don’t believe to suddenly waking up early, starting to exercise and eat healthier – I believe in step by step progression… Read more