Not so short story about 2005, low waisted jeans and my approach to fashion.

Back in deep and dark two thousand and five, everyone wore a particular kind of jeans – low waisted flare jeans, that ware worn during the all seasons. It wasn’t that bad, except for two things – they were so low waisted that whenever you wanted to tie your shoes you have to hold your waist with one hand and tie with another (useful skill to pick) or just be sure that your butt faces the wall, and that it was so long that it collected all the dirt from the ground especially during the winter, and the water just went up your leg along with the dirt, plus from the constant touch with not so soft asphalt it would rip pretty easily at the end.Read more

“Hello, it’s August” is back with the new concept, new ideas and a new vision. There is a reason, why I was completely absent from my blog and social media – I needed time to figure out the direction I was going to take. One day I woke up feeling like it’s all out of my control, and there is way to much mess to try to actually clean it up – I needed a break to start things new, and make things better this time around. The break, which let me create new perspective, get some distance and focus on what is important to me. Let’s start from the start though. What happened? Trough the years of blogging I was always happy to blog, I wanted to blog and it was never (okay, almost never) forced. But it never felt quite right the things that I blog about. But… Read more

This year I decided to do my New Year resolutions differently than I used to all past years. I was thinking deeply about my resolutions and my goals for the upcoming 2017. I started thinking about what brings me happiness, and most importantly, where and who I want to be in exactly one year. I thought about how to make resolutions, that would motivate me, and that in a year I would be proud to say I accomplished everything I planned to and it made me very happy. I do realise, that neither my life nor me will suddenly change as soon as the clock hits midnight on the last night of the year, and I would be naive to expect that I would wake up on the first day of the year being completely different person ready to live a completely different life. And yes, the feeling of the fresh… Read more

I feel like this week after Christmas and right before the new year is a week so think about the past year. A week to take a deep breath, sit down and think about all your resolutions for 2016, how they turned out, thinking about what good this year has brought you. Think about all the opportunities you took or passed, changes, and challenges you completed, what you learned during the year. I did that and I actually feel grateful for this year. A lot has changed, and actually I am in the place I haven’t thought I’ll be. A lot has changed in my personal life and I am 100% happier now, a lot has changed in my work life and I am happier about that too. I grew as a person and grew as a freelancer too. I took a look in my resolutions for 2016, and yes,… Read more

I found this shot in my archives of withered flowers in my archives, and this got me thinking. There is beauty and positivity in most of the things, you only have to chose to see it. Me, as well as probably most of you, become not a big fan of Mondays, but on the other hand, Mondays for me come with enthusiasm to get trough my work with hope, that this week might be better than the last one, that this week might bring something new and exciting to my life. And yes, I usually wake up Monday morning thinking about all the deadlines, all the work, and sometimes it feel like 99 problems are weighting my shoulders, but if you relax, make a plan, and work one thing at the time, at the end of the day I am happy with what I’ve done and what tasks I managed to… Read more

For those of you who don’t know, I was born In Vilnius, and I’ve been living in Vilnius for my whole life. Vilnius, the capital of a country, called Lithuania, got it’s perks. And there are sure certain believes about people from Vilnius. But let me start at the beginning. One Friday evening I was sitting with my SO and my friend talking about travelling when one mentioned that I’ve been living in the same city for my whole life. I like to think of myself being pretty smart, but sometimes I am surprised by the obvious things I do not take time to figure out (like the time back in 2012 when I suddenly realised that Titanic is actually reference to Titans from Greek mythology). Then craziest thought just popped in my head – I should move somewhere. Same week, on Sunday, I packed my bags and was moving to… Read more