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    Part 2

    I recently introduced you to building your social media strategy, the theoretic part. Now, let’s take things into action.
    I suggest making social media strategy for one month, and since November is half passed, let’s take December as our starting social media strategy month (and it is a perfect month, because December is so rich with topics). So let’s dig in to it.
    1. Write down amount of days in the month (31 in December);
    2. Imagine your optimum number of posts in social media per week – not too much, but not too little – and write it down (let’s say I would like 5 posts per week, which is around 23 posts per month);
    3. Count out the number of your planned main content (let’s say I plan to write 8-9 posts per December, so 23-9=14, which is the number of complimentary content). Write that down too.social media worsheet banner
    4. Think of the month itself – what it has to offer. Like December – Christmas, New Year, first snow. If it is not as rich as December, you can always do #mondayblues or #TBT (if you don’t know what is that – Instagram hashtags by weekdays), inspirational quotes or other social media specific topics.
    5. Now it is time to brainstorm. Sit at least 10 minutes and brainstorm anything you can post in social media – topics, picture ideas, content, just brainstorm. Also use those monthly relevant keywords. I write down anything that pops into my head, maybe the head is a blank space so I do some inspiration searching. But December is so rich with topics, and I consider myself a bit of a holiday fanatic, so I am ready for brainstorm.
    6. After a brainstorm session, I let myself rest for a bit, get my mind of that list, and go back after I’ve rested to pick the topics I think has the most potential and/or are actually doable. So let’s say my final list would look something like this:
      • 1 first snow picture (hoping there will be snow)
      • 4-5 Christmas related pictures (1 merry Christmas, 1 Christmas recipe, 1 Christmas tree/deco, 1 presents picture, some Christmas inspiration)
      • 1 New Year resolution
      • 1 New Year countdown / Minutes till midnight
      • 1-2 handmade postcards
      • 1 work desk
      • 1 personal project
      • 1 lazy weekend
      • 1 style related post
    7. Then I try to make those topics a bit more specific. Like “style related post” – something Christmasy, maybe that cozy Christmas sweater, or “work desk” – my actual work space when preparing for Christmas.
    8. Spit them into days on your calendar (I like to have a separate sheet for every month so I can add them to my blog case by month).

      social media calendar

      In a perfect world I like to prepare my posts on weekends for week ahead. This is a very good strategy, because on workdays you don’t have to put pressure on yourself for posting on social media. Though Instagram doesn’t have an option to schedule posts, you can use Latergram.
    9. Think of the descriptions too. I usually end up thinking about descriptions for way too long, so when you get in the mood for descriptions, after writing one, writhing second will the easier. And since they all be written at one mood, they will have that cohesive vibe, and you won’t end up sounding like 10 different people.
    10. Never force yourself. It is your social media and you make rules. My goal numbers are usually end up being far from reality, but I try not to beat myself up. If I have time and inspiration I make more than I planned, if I don’t have time, I am happy with having no time, because it means I am doing other things meanwhile.
      Pick topics that are inspiring to you, that you want to photograph/post about. Because people usually see the difference between you being excited and you being forced. If you see that you are stuck with the topic you picked, just go to your brainstorm and pick another topic.
    11. On the other hand don’t procrastinate too much. If you are thinking about following your social media schedule each day, but never take action to do it, you have too options: don’t do it at all, but not think about it too, or just do it! Wake up, do your social media, and trust me, you will feel like million bucks after finally making it happen.
    Note for the first timers : If you are doing this for the first time, this whole planning for social media, be sure to track the results too (you can track your Instagram with this website). Do it as an experiment. I love to track the numbers, and I usually I print them down at the end of the month and put them into my blog case. So analyse your analytics very well, see the times of posting that did best, see which posts did best, and maybe this will give you some clues on what to post next month.

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    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8