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    I am not a major fan of breakfast in general, but I know it’s good for health. So I am trying to discover new ways of making myself breakfast, and one of them is to actually make something to share it on my blog. Plus, it kind of motivates me to look for different meals and that is fun, init?

    For starters, I wanted to make something quick, that does not require cooking first thing in the morning. I saw the idea on Pinterest – oatmeal shakes. Basically you just put the ingredients in the blender and voila! – breakfast is ready.

    What you will need :
    1/3 cup of oats (can be old fashioned rolled oats, can be oatmeal)
    1/3 cup of yogurt of your preference (I picked Greek)
    1/2 cup of milk (more or less, depends on the fruits you add and the consistency you prefer)
    Handful of fruits or berries (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, basically anything would work)
    Spices (optional) – I love adding a pinch of cinnamon if there are bananas in it
    Ice cream (optional) – I just happened to find ice cream in the fridge so why not?
    Making :

    And it to the blender , blend it and enjoy. That is it.

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2017 May 10