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    After some time of writing a blog and especially during the time I was doing my blog rework, I’ve been using the knowledge and experience of other bloggers, web developers and SEO professionals and I am very glad that this information is easily accessible. But then I started thinking about my part in this process.
    And I decided that it would only be logical if I share my knowledge and experience throughout a series of posts and I will do my best to present a new post every week or so.
    I am planning to talk about issues that came up while creating my blog, some issues why might all have, and not to make it all dry and boring, I am planning to share some interesting findings, that could be useful for bloggers.
    And now get to the real topic.
    If you are the one of those people like me, that created their blogs so long ago, that they barely can recall the initial idea behind the blog, the name and the design, or you just feel like those elements no longer serves the purpose, or you just feel like you grew beyond your old blog and suddenly decided to change everything – like me, you probably have some doubts.
    After I changed everything in blog – name, domain, design, even the concept behind it, I do not regret it even for a split second. It is a fresh start, it feels like I closed my old blog and started a new one, but without all disadvantages that starting a new blog would create.
    Firstly, since I changed to WordPress, I am so totally happy with it and even if I have some extra fields to fill comparing to Blogger, it makes me feel so much more professional. Of course, I have like 20 plugins, and some of them appear on my posting page, but well, I fill them all out and at least I am fully aware of the result I will get.
    I pay for my hosting and domain, and that is the thing, that makes me wanna post every day. Well, if you pay for it you might as well get it to the fullest.
    Editing. I am more aware of what I post in my blog, sometimes I retake photos three times just to be fully happy with it. Because it is a new start, I want to make it right this time and make every post count.
    Monitoring. I have a big book where I put all my blogs info – money I spend, growth of the visits to my blog, popular post and all the things I find important to keep track of. But I am planning on talking about it more in future post.
    General happiness. I am very proud of what my blog looks like. I actually wake up and want to post things, wanna share it with the world, grow my audience and grow my blog, and it wasn’t like this before.
    Of course, the risks are there – if you have a lot of followers, you might lose some, but at the same time you can find others, and if you are not happy with the thing you created and want to change it, why not? I think that the most important thing is your happiness about what you have created, because if you feel happy about your product, if you believe in that product, you can prove others that your product is really worth paying attention to.
    One important note: be sure that your new version is so much better than the old one.
    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8