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    By the time it hits midnight and we start living in 2016 , I want to be ready to face new challenges and have even better new year. For this reason, I want to get some closure with 2015. And that includes my blog too. I believe that to blog better next year, I need to set up goals for 2016, and in order to do so, I need to see where am I at and what needs to be done, needs to be upgraded, I need to spend more time on or just leave it in 2015 and never think of it again.

     2016-2015 mockup
    For starters, I made free downloadable template for you to fill. I split it all into two parts – current numbers of 2015, and goal numbers for 2016 – both for blog and for social media.
    For goal part I like to split goals into smaller number to keep track of the progress. Even the biggest numbers spilled into smaller parts like monthly or ever weekly grow doesn’t seem so big anymore. Let’s say we want to gain 12,000 followers per year, and that is 1000 followers per month, and that is 33 followers per day. Sounds possible now? Don’t be too sad if you won’t reach your monthly numbers in the start of the year, because I think that the bigger is your audience, the bigger is the growth of your audience.
    My advice is not to be afraid of dreaming big, because the bigger are your goals, the harder you would try for them. And even if I don’t reach my goals (which I usually don’t) I know I tried more than I would with lower goal numbers. Dream big. And if you still don’t feel confident enough, turn it all into percents. Let’s say you had 100 followers and you turn that into 1000 followers, and that is 1000% growth, and doesn’t it sound amazing?

    click to download

    Augustina Glinskyte,

    2016 Nov 8